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Mar 22, 2011 09:14 AM

New Annex Guu - any experiences?

Thinking of going tonight....

How's the food?
What's the line-up like?
Should we wait another week due to service or are things up and running nicely?

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  1. Is it open? I thought people were saying mid April opening.

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        ya what's going on how come there's not a thread 100 deep by now?

    1. Well - I went!

      It was loud raucous fun. 25 minute wait - entertaining and friendly staff. Food was fresh - great squid, tuna. So much delicious fried food....some sizzling dishes. Actually cancelled a dish because we were far too full. Sapporo on tap...

      Two rooms - one with communal tables, one with shoes off - sunken tables.

      For a 3 day old restaurant they have their service running smoothly and the kitchen churning out some great dishes. The grand opening specials were the best.

      Go before it gets insane.

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      1. re: MeMeMe

        Sounds a lot bigger, anyone know if the menu is the same or different?

        What stuff do they have for grandopening special?

        I'm surprised you had to wait so little!

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            They had a separate 'grand opening' menu - with some special items. We ordered grilled whole squid and it was incredible - there was some sort of rub on it, then it was grilled. So tasty. We enjoyed the sizzling BBQ pork dish. Seared tuna, lots of delicious fried items. The little spinach appetizer was a nice healthy beginning.

      2. Just found this online. The space looks gorgeous. The menu is posted - if you squint to read it, you can see there are definitely some new dishes. I have a feeling that this new location is simply going to cultivate a brand new crop of fans and there will be line-ups at both spots, though hopefully not ever as bad as the ones when Church Street first opened. Can't wait.

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        1. re: peppermint pate

          Wow, wait, was this the old Burger King space? Incredible transformation if it is. I know that was one of the spots they were talking about taking over but not sure if they ended up with that one or a different spot.

            1. re: Herb

              Yup. Amazing tranformation. I love that they're following the same model as they have in Vancouver where each Guu has a somewhat different look, feel and menu.

            2. re: ylsf

              Yup, they had their way with BK :P

            3. re: peppermint pate

              The menu is posted!


              Thinking of going next week, maybe be brave and go early on the weekend....

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                1. Went tonight (wednesday) at 6:00 to beat the crowds. No crowds -- tons of tables at 6:00 and same when we left at 7:30. (Might have been partly due to the snowy weather...) It's a huge space. Communal tables and bar stools like on Church St. as well as an additional room with tables sunk into the floor. The design of the space is stunning - check out the ceiling when you're there.

                  Food was very good and it was a lot of fun. Good service. The specials weren't overly exciting: oysters, couple tuna sashima dishes, they were out of the grilled squid. Not quite as interesting a menu as Church Street, and nowhere near as interesting as Vancouver. We had delish deep-fried calamari, and some crazy good tuna sashimi with ponzu. The Udon Carbonara is also yum. Piping hot, with a soft-poached egg on top. Also had delish Black Cod.

                  Go now while there are no line-ups.

                  1. re: EarlyDrive

                    Lol we did the same - headed over last night b/c we figured the weather would keep people away. I was disappointed not to see the Kinoko Cheese Bibimbap, my favourite at the Church St. location, but I tried the Rice Burger and really liked it. We may had the same tuna sashimi as you (on the white specials menu?) - it was good, but I'm pretty sure I've had it at Church St too. The space is nice though, much bigger. Takowasabi serving seems smaller? Not sure, I haven't been to Guu on Church since late summer. But overall, pretty fun. Rice Burger would be a reorder for me.

                    398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA