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Mar 22, 2011 08:55 AM

$30-40 dinner ideas

What are some authentic, interesting dinner places for $30-40pp. Looking for a small, fun, BYOB-type environment (doesn't have to be BYOB).

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  1. I personally find both Salento and Roberto Cafe very authentic for Italian BYOBs and reasonably priced. Salento just has that something special that defines real Italian for me as compared when I've been in Italy (seriously, the host helped himself to our bottle of wine so he could recommend what dishes to order that night! And didn't mind splitting a pasta course for us to eat real Italian-style - antipasti, primi and secondi). Roberto does the best Vitello Milanese anywhere I've found in Philly and I will go there just for that, as well as his perfectly done branzino which is very affordable for a couple to split and share.

    Novita Bistro is also fun for a very affordable BYOB and more Mediterranean-style than strictly Italian food. The calamari is the best I've found in Philly and I love their house-made sausage.

    1. Lolita - modern mexican fusion
      Melograno - Northern and Southern Italian
      Cochon - pig-centric French
      +1 Salento
      Barbuzzo (Mediterranean small plates - not BYO)
      Bistro 7 - New American