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Mar 22, 2011 08:34 AM

March 17 -19 Visit- Thank-you for the recommendations

Hello everyone,

I just got back from New Orleans for a second visit, my first being 10 years ago. This was my husband's first time.

March 17th
Mr B's--Galatoires:
We arrived in the afternoon on the 17th and after dropping off our luggage at the hotel, headed directly to Mr B's for a late lunch. Unfortunately, it was closed as Brad Pitt was inside filming a new movie. So we decided to try for Mr B's the next day as the filming would then be over.
I had wanted to go to Galatoire's for lunch on Friday, but due to the circumstances and our limited time we went there for lunch instead. I believe it was about 2:30- 3:00 pm and there was absolutely no line. We were greeted by a gentlemen who lead us to our table. I gushed a bit and told him I was very much looking forward to eating at the restaurant. He then told me that it was his great great grandfather that owned the restaurant since the early 1900's and had stayed in his family for generations.
Since it was so late for lunch and we still wanted to eat out for dinner we ordered appetizers and they couldn't have been more perfect. I had the shrimp remoulade, which i am still thinking about, and my husband had the crabmeat maison and the gumbo. We also got souflee potatoes and some drinks. Overall, it was very quiet and pleasant, our server was Billy. He was busy but took the time to speak to us about his cajun roots and how he liked to make his gumbo with hand-made local sausage from northern Louisiana where he is from.

Cocktails and Hot Sauce:

We started walking down Bourbon after lunch and ended up at Jean Lafitte's for hurricanes. It was dark and rustic...and packed full of revellers for St. Patrick's day. I did not really prefer the drinks, my husband seemed to enjoy his. I did like the ambience.
Walking again we ended up on Royal and decided to head into Rouse's for hot sauce and creole seasonings that we can't find locally in Toronto. We also picked up some Zapp's and Hubig's pies for snacks.
Finally ended up at Napolean House for drinks. We sat at an open window table, it was warm with a beautiful breeze. I had a pimm's cup and my husband tried a sazerac. We thought they were amazing. I really enjoyed the restaurant courtyard and next time will have to stay for food.


Dinner that night was at Casamento's. There was a bit of a line, but we were able to watch fresh oysters being shucked and served as samplers. The servers were great. We ordered the oyster loaf and shrimp loaf. I loved my crunchy tasty shrimp and so did my husband. We preferred it over the oyster loaf unfortunately. Washed it down with Barq's and some Abitas.
We then headed over to Frenchman street for some music and then watched as the St. Paddy's parade headed down Decateur.

March 18th:
Could not get into cafe du monde as the line-up for sit down and take out was enormous. So went to community coffee for coffee and a cookie. It was good and exactly what we needed for breakfast.
Had lunch at Mr B's finally. It was very busy so we ate at the bar. The gumbo yaya was great...the sausage was so tender. The BBq shrimp and bread were also very good and many people around me were also eating it as evidenced by the white bibs they tie around your neck. Overall, the food at Mr B's looks very good and delicious, just by looking at some of the other dishes people ordered. We then got a brandy milk punch to go--delicious like a vanilla milkshake--and headed over to Magazine street. I had a gelato at La Davina. It was okay, not a great selection.


Magaritas at El gato negro. Awesome....and great chips and salsa. Guacamole is made fresh at your table. The food looked very very good.

Cochon....jam packed. We waited for 30 minutes with big deal...great atmosphere. The charbroiled oysters and bread were the highlight...I wish I had only eaten that. My husband had the cochon de lait. I had the ham hock. My husband liked his was very salty. i really liked the flavour of my dish, but the meat was very tough and I struggled to cut it off the bone. We were asked if we wanted dessert and we said no, we were too full. We were then brought the check pretty fast without asking..I guess they needed our table;)

So overall, it was a great trip..too short though. I regret not getting to some of the nicer the Hermes and Carousel. Next time I think we would also like to venture out a bit more into the countryside for some cajun creole food.
New Orleans is a great city...the people are friendly and warm, and the food is delicious. Thank-you for all of your wonderful suggestions.

Casamento's Restaurant
4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Nice review. You did get to a nice spread of places on such a short trip. Hurry back.

    I haven't been to Toronto in over 10 years but loved it for the wide selection of international tastes. We'll get back eventually. But can't break the habit of going to NS and PEI.

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    1. re: collardman

      Thanks! Please come and visit us in T.O.....we love having guests. And you are right, there is every kind of cuisine under the sun in our city. Also, I myself have been to Nova Scotia, but never PEI sadly.

    2. The familia and I ate at cochon last Tuesday, early. No reservations, no wait. My two daughters had mac and cheese (just ok), but my wife and I split 8-9 of the small plates, which is my favorite way to eat there.

      We were also on decatur for the parade, way better than my college experience on bourbon. My daughters were absolutely covered with beads, flowers, and stuffed animals by the time we left about 10. Really great guys and gals in the parade.

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      1. re: LeroyT

        The Downtown Irish Club really knows how to do a parade. I've been lucky to attend two St. Pat's festivities in '07 and '10. Nothing like starting in the Bywater at Markey's and following the fun into the Quarter, one "pit stop" at a time.

        1. re: LeroyT

          Leroy, I really thought the parade was so much fun and great for families. I saw so many kids having a great time catching beads and dancing.... it made me miss my toddler twins back home. I think a parade in Nola is definitely in their future though!

        2. Great post! Makes me want to go back. Thanks jcava.

          1. Billy is a great server and a great guy. You were lucky to get him. The lines at Cafe Du Monde are bigger this year than I ever remember. A little sidenote to locals and visitors who hop on the street car, there's a beignet shop behind New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company. It's just before Napoleon and it serves really good, fresh begneits.

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            1. re: shanefink

              CDM is best to go to at really odd times for coffee (mid afternoon, middle of the night). If there is not a line 2 blocks long by 9am it is a very slow business day in the FQ.

            2. Hi - great fun review! You reminded me of the souffle potatoes. What did you think of them?

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              1. re: smilingal

                Hey, thanks Smilingal! The souffle potatoes were very interesting. I found them to be like a cross between a potato puff and a chip. I really did enjoy dipping them in the sauce they were served with.

                1. re: jcava

                  I must admit the party of six that we were part of all looked at each other in wonderment - THIS is what all the hub-bub is about?! I think it was lost on us.