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Mar 22, 2011 08:05 AM

Do you pack your own food when you go...

to the museums, etc? We just went to a museum yesterday and spent $24 on lousy food. I should have packed our lunch. Do you? What do you bring that travels well and satisfies?

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  1. Cheeses, deli meats, breads, cole slaw, even tastycakes. Bottle of wine,iced tea, or lemonade.
    tomatoes, veggies, pickles.

    1. Definitely! The usuals include kimbap, jumeok bap (rice balls), or just plain rice; mandu (dumplings), soy braised beef or galbi, SPAM, fried tofu, soy sauce eggs or gaeran mari (rolled egg with seaweed), and/or pickled radish; and cut fruit. Other favorite combinations include wine, cheese, mustard, pickles, and an aged, dried meat like salami; my sad approximation of a banh mi or Italian cold cut sub; or just hard boiled eggs and a bunch of cut up fresh vegetables. Basically anything that does well during a short hike.

      1. i don't, but then i don't eat in the museum either

        1. No but we are going to start! Last week lunch at the zoo for 4 of us was $51 and it was just cheeseburgers. I think typical picnic fair of sandwiches, fruit and chips is where we will start but I hope to branch out so this thread will be great!

          1. Zoos are one thing, museums are something else. Bringing food into many museums would be...discouraged, let's say, but that's just my guess. Zoos, on the other hand, are open territory.

            It's usually easy to check out the menus at museum restos, but not their snack bars, which are often as expensive as, oh, ball parks. Not unreasonable to put up a CHOW request for nearby restaurants when you know you're going to visit a place. I have a list of spots I suggest to folks when they visit our local ones or places like the Metropolitan in NYC.

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              From the OP, i did not get that the food was taken into a museum. Assumed was picnic outside, maybe my bad.

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                I have taken food into a museum although I know they discourage it. I might bring a sandwich and then buy something from the museum's restaurant/snack bar such as coffee or a cookie. That way I'm only halfway a cheapskate.