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Mar 22, 2011 07:52 AM

Garces Restaurants

I know that this has been asked before but was hoping to get updated opinions. We have been given a gift card for Garces Group. Which restaurant should we go to? Years ago, I went to Amada twice. Husband has never been. I wouldn't mind going back but I was hoping one of his places is not small plates. Don't want to go to the new place in the Cira Center. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite used to be Distrito but it was a bit of a letdown last time I was there, and it is small plates. If you can go at an off time when there won't be a wait, I'd go to Village Whiskey. The only Garces place I wouldn't recommend (other than JG Domestic, which you mentioned) is Chifa, though I have yet to eat in the restaurant part of Garces Trading.

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      My favorite was Distrito followed by Amada. I recently had brunch at Garces Trading Company and wasn't thrilled. I'd love to try Village Whiskey.

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        We love Distrito and Amada but recently returned to Chifa - which we did not like the first time - and had a wonderful meal. We also liked Garces Trading Co. the one time we were there. The parking at the Cira Center for JG Domestic is way too expensive!

    2. I would say that all of his places are small plates.

      Can you just go and buy lots of meats and cheeses from Garces Trading Company and bring them home with a bottle of wine from the PLCB store?

      I think that Tinto is my favorite of his group, with JG Domestic in second, and Amada in a close third.

      1. I'd definitely say Village Whiskey. The whole "small plates" thing at his places doesn't work for me unless I'm with people also into it and willing to share things - the plates always seem to come out at weirdly staged intervals and it's so hard to know how much to order for a "full" meal. Whereas with VW it's more straightforward and the burger really is awesome, as our the cocktails and bar snacks. I just laugh at the prices for the actual shots of whiskey, though, and go home to drink my own :P

        1. If I had to pick just one of his places, it would have to be Village Whiskey. However, if you're not into burgers, then I'd recommend Distrito. But let me say that the burger at Village Whiskey is THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD.

          So....there you are.

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          1. re: BelgianBeerMistress

            You've convinced me, I've got to get that burger!

            1. re: BelgianBeerMistress

              Thanks for all of the replies. Though I rarely eat burgers, I'm seriously considering Village Whiskey. If not, Distrito.

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                I second that. The best burger I have ever had is at Village Whiskey. I order the Village Burger with Jasper Hill Cheddar (the best cheddar cheese I have ever tasted). The homemade thousand island dressing on the Village Burger is amazing. The burger itself has a hint of bacon flavor going on, probably part of the reason it tastes so damn good!

                1. re: aerynsun

                  And I must also recommend you order the duck fat fries with the Sly Fox cheese sauce. Now the fries are good, but it's the sauce that makes it. We get our burgers simple, and DUNK THEM IN THE CHEESE SAUCE. Amazing.

                  1. re: BelgianBeerMistress

                    The duck fat fries can be hit or miss there. I once asked beforehand for them not to overcook them, and sure enough, that was the time they came out the most burnt (I guess the kitchen didn't take too kindly to hearing my request). For $5 though, I wish they could be a little more consistent. I do look forward to trying the Sly Fox Cheddar fries though, fingers crossed that the fries are cooked properly!