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Mar 22, 2011 07:17 AM

Mugaritz 2011 season

So, the 2011 season starts in April. Just curious, is this the first season since the fire? I heard they rebuilt everything as a result. And it's a different dining room and everything. But my mental timeline is messed up and I don't know if this is the first season after the rebuild.
Also, in my reservation confirmation (and on the website). It sounds like they are offering one single tasting menu that covers the whole philosophy. Do they no longer do the "envelope choice"? I thought that was a cool idea.

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  1. I'm wondering to as I will eat there in the end of May. Would be a good choice to have just one menu, in the last few years it was always difficult to choose and everything is clear!

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      So, I read up and apparently Mugaritz reopened last June from the fire. So that answers question 1.

      As for the menu thing, I just saw a change to the official website that now makes me think you still choose between two menus. Though, the details seem annoyingly cryptic:

      "We understand gastronomy as a tool that can be used to share interests. We are nonconformists by nature. We work and seek answers to questions: these issues are the mainstays that encourage us move forward.
      Years ago, we started thinking about the established values and we realized that we felt ill at ease with them because they do not guarantee a better dining experience. What determines whether something is good? Are we less well-mannered if we serve a man first? Where do we draw the line to distinguish between an appetizer and a starter? Does a meal end with the desserts?
      Resolving such issues, the table centrepieces that rotate, oscillate and sway gain momentum. When the table lights up, the toing and froing grows weaker. In an allegory of desired balance, they stop.
      The temporary result, that is brought about by the answers to these questions, is a culinary offer made up of dishes of varying types. Everything is designed to make you feel, but if you decide to come to Otzazulueta, we cannot anticipate what you will dine. Even though we individually select the best seasonal produce, the ingredients are decided on by the designs of nature, the vagaries of each season, each producers' harvest. The end result is a personalized menu including fifteen dishes and the result of years of research, hundreds of tests until perfecting the techniques. If you are vegetarian, celiac or have an allergy or food intolerance, we adapt our menu to your needs. Nothing is left to chance.
      One table, one experience. Only you can choose whether to surrender to the experience or whether to resist. Would you dare?"

    2. 2011 season starts tomorrow.
      Anyone know what the menu costs this year?

      1. Any chowhounders get to Mugaritz for the new season?
        For some reason, every review to tripadvisor about them since they started the new season has been ruthlessly negative.
        Despite the fact that I don't put a lot of "foodie" confidence in tripadvisor, it spooked me a little.
        Anyone here got to try Mugaritz's new season? Or have anything to say about the new scathing reviews on the other site?