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Mar 22, 2011 06:12 AM

restuarants near State Office Bldgs/MICA in Baltimore

Some of us are going to lunch tomorrow around the State Office Buildings on Preston St.
Any recommendations for an inexpensive-moderate priced lunch, maximum $20 per person?
One is a vegetarian. Any cuisine is fine.

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  1. There isn't very much in the immediate area. You might want to consider Sammy's. A good italian rest. on Charles st. within walking distance. And you can stay under $20 if you watch what you order and don't have any wine or liquor with the meal. Check their website.

    1. You should also consider City Cafe on Cathedral and Eager.

      1. City Cafe is excellent; just south of it on Cathedral is Milk & Honey which has sandwiches, some soups, nothing that will blow your mind, but tasty. Near the office buildings is a pub, Dougherty's, that has decent burgers, but rest of menu is suspect. Shapiros Cafe on Preston is a little farther (about same distance as Sammy's) with good corned beef, also falafel.

        1. Before you leave the area, you need to stop for refreshments at Mt Royal Tavern. One of the best dive bars in B'more!