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Mar 22, 2011 05:29 AM

Take out for Passover - Long Island

I have been on the hunt for take-out food for Pesach this year. In the past I would put an order on-line with the "old" Mauzone and it worked out great. I would pick up the food a few days before the holiday and it was always fresh. Now that they have sold the business, they aren't doing that service anymore. I sent an email to the "new" Mauzone/Libby's and haven't heard back anything. Not sure if Chap A Nosh is doing anything either. Any suggestions? Would go anywhere in Nassau County or Queens.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
        1. re: moegreene

          My guess is that Deli Boss will not be kosher for pesach.

        2. I would be very surprised if one can't pre-order take-out from most of the 5 towns take-out establishments.

          Here is a link to Gourmet Glatt (of which Chap-a-Nash is part of) and give them a call

          1. I and D in West Hempstead has a Passover menu out. I know that during the year they deliver to 5 Towns, Westchester and Manhattan (and they have a Brooklyn store).

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              Do any of you know what restaurants in Nassau County will be open for Chol Hamoed?