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Mar 22, 2011 04:25 AM

MSP Review: Keefer Court Bakery & Cafe

Since I could only find references to Keefer Court in older threads, I thought it might be time KC had their own. They must be the only Chinese-style bakery in the Twin City area, no? Chatted briefly with Pauline but did not meet Sunny.

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get to visit this place and when I did arrive I was already full. I did contrive to savor their baked Cantonese Style BBQ Roast Pork Bun. Not bad. They have some interesting looking Rice Plates and Congee Dishes. Certainly a place worth exploring more.


Keefer Court Food, Inc.
326 Cedar Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Tel; 612-340-0937
Fax: 612-375-0140

Open daily 10 am to 9 pm
Closed Tuesdays

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  1. Thanks so much, Scoop Gray!

    We're happy to hear you enjoyed our Pork Bun!

    Hope you visit us again soon.

    1. Thanks for the thread, ScoopG - Keefer Court is an unsung treasure. I'm a fan of the curry beef buns and sweet mung bean buns; the cream filling for the cream horns and buns has a great salty/ not-too-sweet touch; and their egg tarts could hold their own in a city with many Chinese bakeries.

      As for their dine-in food, I've liked everything I've tried. I really like the roast meats (the BBQ combo with rice - featuring bbq pork, soy chicken, and roast duck - is lovely), but my favorite dish is "String beans with diced black mushroom, minced pork and dried shrimp".

      And your slide show is mouthwatering! I'm so bummed that today is Tuesday, the only day they're closed A big bowl of roast duck noodle soup would be perfect on this chilly evening.

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        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Thanks much. I should have bumped up your original thread then!

      1. I really like Keefer Court and have been going there for probably 6 years now. I used to live closer and I would go there weekly to pick up the savory buns (ham n egg bun, bbq pork bun, and curry beef bun. They are great with hot tea (cos I dont drink coffee) and really good for a light morning meal. Their sweets are also great. I really like their tan tarts (egg tarts), pineapple buns, and also rolled cakes.

        Their bbq pork and roast duck is also great. I sometimes buy the whole roast duck (but I would prefer to have them chop the ducks in pieces), and I could last so many days with it. The roast duck is great just to have it over steamed rice with a little drizzle of soy sauce, or you can make duck noodle soup by adding bok choy to the noodle soup .. so good! The bbq pork also have great flavor, and not so fatty. Another dish that I enjoy so much is the wonton soup. I personally think it is the best wonton soup in the Cities. The wonton is huge and fully filled with shrimp.

        It is absolutely one of the best authentic Chinese place in town. They only accept cash, but there is an ATM just outside of the restaurant door, so it's never a problem getting cash.

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        1. re: moomon

          Was reminded how much I liked to be able to pick up buns any day of the week, and not just at Dim Sum and visited Keefer Court again. I have to say it was a disappointment...the bbq pork bun was way overly sweet and thick and the beef curry turnover, while it tasted good, again it was so heavy on the corn starch or whatever thickener they use. I will go back again and try some of the others...the bbq meat looked good.

        2. Oh I see they have pineapple buns - one of my fav HK style buns! And roast duck and HK bbq pork! I need to get there sometime when we're in the TC...

          moomon - thanks for mentioning that it's cash only. We usually use our debit cards for everything so hardly carry cash. Good to know!

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          1. re: Ummm

            they have an atm in the entryway area iirc, in case you forget

            1. re: soupkitten

              Yeah but usually you have to pay a fee if it's not your bank's ATM... the fee could've gotten me another pineapple bun :)

              1. re: Ummm

                i know! i'd always rather take the extra pineapple bun, too. but it's good to know the atm is there in the case of (my own) poor planning. :)

                1. re: soupkitten

                  Keefer Court is a favorite for us as well. My wife and I enjoy a simple late breakfast/early lunch, or late lunch/afternoon snack, there all the time. We usually don't have regular meal times on the weekend, so it's usually quiet when we're there.

                  Roast pork and duck are what is on display and Keefer Court's version is as good as you can get in TC. Their secret is the soy sauce chicken. Try it next time!


                  1. re: discus

                    Finally made it here for a quick dinner before going to the Cedar. Loved this place in spite of the fact that they sold out their last two pineapple buns seconds before we placed our order. We started with a pork xao sao bao and curry bun, both good. Split the mixed BBQ plate with husband and I regretted not getting my own entree. His speed eating meant I was still hungry when the bbq was gone. Remedied that with custard bun for dessert. Delish. They were out of a few entrees (Soy sauce chicken, string beans with minced pork, mushrooms & dried shrimp) so we will be back to try them soon.

                    1. re: rmitchel5

                      I love the roast duck with noodles. It a dish I crave once every couple months or so and beeline over to Keefer Court whenever I do. It is a little greasy, but delicious.

                      1. re: Josh Resnik

                        I think the roast duck at Keefer Court is above average, but not nearly the best in TC. However, their soy sauce chicken (I think they call ii wine soy chicken or something) is absolutely terrific. Their wontons are probably best in TC, except that they are 3X the size they need to be.

                        Still a favorite for me. We must stop by twice a week.


                        1. re: discus

                          Discus - Where can I find the best roast duck in the TC?

                          1. re: rmitchel5

                            Best roast duck, hands down, is at the House of Wu in Burnsville. They have, IMHO, also the best roast pork. But, and it's a big but, get the roast duck and roast pork as take out. The rest of their menu is ridiculous.

                            House of Wu
                            1250 Highway 13 W, Burnsville, MN 55337

                          2. re: discus

                            Agree on the soy sauce chicken and the wontons in all their shrimpy goodness! I don't mind the wonton's huge size because there's only 2 or so in a bowl of soup (meaning one each if we share). I lalso ove the roast pork, and I quite like their duck, esp. when it's in the roast duck wonton noodle soup. That soup can repair a horrible day or stop a cold in its tracks.

                            I went for that soup two days ago (to repair a very bad day), and it was just the ticket, along with a plate of all three roast meats and rice. This place is one of my top 5 restaurants in town - I reallyt gotta get there more often.

                        2. re: rmitchel5

                          Thanks for the bump up. Went for my first dine in experience last night. Had the soy sauce chicken. Fantastic! Salty and savory. Daughter got the beef fried rice and we split some bun and some apps. Her favorite was the sticky rice bun. Super savory and tasty. I was lucky to get a bite.