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Mar 22, 2011 04:00 AM

A Matter of Taste - Commerce Township

We decided to use our Groupon for our first visit to A Matter of Teaste on Monday night.

The ahi tuna skewers were excellent. They were served on a bed of cabbage, carrots and crisp
noodles with soy, ginger and wasabi. The wasabi was t.h.e. strongest I have ever had - wonderful!

My wife loved her Harvest salad. My cup of shrimp gumbo was advertised as spicy and the waitress
re-emphasised "spicy" when I ordered it. It was nicely spiced, flavorful and included four
small-medium shrimp.

Elaine ordered the house-made lobster ravioli; and she loved it. My Cappellini was very good. The
shrimp, mussels & clams were perfectly cooked. The tomato base was spiced with cilantro and
chiles ... I would have preferred a teenie bit more heat.

The dining room is all hard surfaces - a bit loud for a restaurant that was ~2/3rds full. I hope the
noise level declines in the warm months ... once they open the glass garage doors that open up
to a large patio on Union Lake.

Including two glasses of wine and two beers; the check totalled $92 before the GroupOn. Not a
bargain-nite, but reasonable for the food, service and setting.

2323 Union Lake Road
Commerce Twp, MI
(248) 360-4150

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  1. And nary a raisin to be found! ;)

    I'm pretty impressed with IAMOT, myself. They do know what they're doing here, and I've never had a bad experience. You're certainly correct about it not being a bargain-nite destination, yes, but for a nice night out, especially on the west side, it's hard to beat them, especially with DJB being closed. I used to eat from the carryout that existed before the actual restaurant *way back* when I was a FedEx (PTUI!) driver, and even the carryout was pretty pricy...but they sure made you want it, because doggone it: the quality was *there*.

    When Donna and I were there last, we made what we found to be a pretty amusing discovery about the place: you know about my general attitude towards cheese? Such is the basic attitude of the head honcho at IAMOT. Not only do they hate raisins themselves, but they categorically *refuse* to work with raisins at all, so you won't find them *anywhere*...even as an ingredient in their carrot cake! It's not an allergy, mind you; no, they just DESPISE them with a contempt normally reserved for plague, holocaust, or Joe Biden.

    You see?!??!?!?!???? I'm not the only one who's like this!!!!!!! ;)

    Glad you enjoyed your experience there. I'm sure you'll be back, but don't think that opening the bay doors makes it any less loud in there. It's just a loud place by design, and when you're with a larger party, you can just kiss hearing the voices of anyone not seated adjacent to you goodbye. This seems to be the trendy way to design restaurants these days, and it's a trend that I hope changes sooner rather than later.

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    1. re: boagman

      I can't think of a better setting in the area for an outdoor meal on a summer evening.
      Boagman is right, it is very noisy, and opening the patio does not improve it.
      I was there a few years ago, accidentally on the same night as the lake was doing fireworks - that made for a pretty romantic setting.
      I've always enjoyed the food as well, but it has been a while since I've been there (wish I would have seen the Groupon).

    2. We used the Groupon a few weeks ago for our anniversary dinner, and even with that we ended up out about $70. We could have cheaped out, but we got an appetizer, two entrees, drinks, whole bottle of wine, and a dessert. Both of us were very happy with the food.

      We definitely plan to go back in summer for apps and drinks, hopefully on the deck.