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Jan 12, 2006 03:41 PM

26 Beach Cafe, Yay or nay?

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I've found myself quite intrigued by 26 Beach Cafe on Washington Blvd in Venice. My first trip there was just for dessert which cost as much as a lunchtime meal. Nevertheless, the bread pudding was absolutely exquisite, and I was blown away by their decor a la Baz Luhrmann. (a mish mash of gaudy chandeliers, Greek statues, flowers and wooden benches.)

On the second trip I had another type of bread pudding and tried one of their berry infused teas. Again, it was amazing.

The third time, however, proved disappointing. I brought out my roommates for brunch hoping they'd love it as well. They tried a couple of those scrambled egg pastas upon which one roomie said, "I can make this at home for $2!" But it was true. It looked like someone had simply thrown a can of tomato paste in with some boiled penne and egg without seasoning it. (Though my monte cristo sandwich was excellent!)

So what do you think of the place? I just hope people grow to like it as much as I do.

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  1. yay - for the turkeyburger and the kobe beef burger - both delicious.

    1. I really like 26 beach. their fish and chips are very nice and light, and their burgers are great. Every time i go there, i want to have one of everything on the menu!

      1. I really love this place, the French toasts, the eggs over rice dishes, the sourdough breakfast sandwich. The Burgers are one of my favorites, along with some of the pasta dishes. The desserts, wait till you try the cheesecakes the owner makes or the lemon bar sunday. Maybe your friend had a poorly made dish, and yes, most breakfast dishes you can make at home for $2 or $3 bucks, but you have to buy larger quantities of each ingredient and prepare it, etc. etc.. The environment is great! How was the service, every now and then I will get a server who is just going through the motions, but usually it is good.

        1. Recently gave it a go for lunch.

          Decent burgers: meat needed a touch of salt, but cooked properly. Why do they serve them on such strange buns with additional flavors like cheese and whole wheat? Distracting and suprisingly stale (fell apart quickly) for housemade.

          Shabby chic meets Inn of 7th Ray purple weirdness decor.

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            I like the choice of buns, but sometimes yes they fall apart, is that because the do not have all those chemicals like the ones from Smart & Final. I love the Buns at rocky's but they seem just like wonder bread, sometimes that is good, sometimes not.

            1. re: Burger Boy

              Ah that's right. I did try the burger once. It's always a bit of a doozy when you gotta cut a burger with a knife. Otherwise it was one tasty burger.

              1. re: Burger Boy

                Nah, this was dry and old, the crust flaking off in that particular manner as when moisture fades and structure deteriorates. Further, it soaked up the salsa on the green chile burger and turned to gloppy bread mush. But you know, maybe I went on an off day.

            2. your odds of getting a great dish increase if you stick to the salads.