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Mar 21, 2011 09:35 PM

Prix fixe/tasting menus ($30-50)

What are some of the best prix fixe or tasting menus for restaurants in philly?

What do people think about modo mio, fish, mercato, and bistrot la minette?


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  1. Modo Mio, Zahav (both versions), Amada, Little Fish (PF Sunday night only), Bibou (PF Sunday night only).

    Modo Mio & FIsh: both excellent
    Bistrot: Very good, if you're from out of town, ok to skip
    Mercato: Never understood the fuss, there are more than a couple better and less annoying Italian BYOBs

    1. Lunch Omakase at Morimoto's. We did that for our first Valentine's day, and we tried to do a retake for my mother-in-law's birthday for dinner. Lunch is about $20 cheaper, but the amount of food is more manageable for lunch. The two additional courses for dinner add little to the experience, but make you feel like you had too much to eat. Still adore Morimoto's though! It is a great deal.

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        Zahav's mesibah is a steal because they give you so much lamb for an extra $6. I am also a big fan of Estia's $30 business lunch special.

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          I like the Mesibah but it should be noted that you get the lamb in exchange for some of the smaller plates. So if you want to taste more of a variety of dishes, you should get the less-expensive Ta'Yim menu.

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            Pumpkin has a very good Sunday prix fixe.

      2. I'll add in the Matyson weekly (M-TH) tasting menu at $45. it changes weekly, and is organized around a theme - either an ingredient (this week is coffee) or event (a few weeks ago was Chinese New Year). Always inventive and delicious.

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          Was just going to post this. I've loved Matyson's tasting menus when I've been, as well as how thoughtfully they orchestrate bringing out courses if some diners are doing the tasting menu and others are ordering regular courses. I'm on their mailing list and even though I only get there infrequently, I love reading the planned courses for each week's menu.

          1. re: sockii

            I agree. I had the offal tasting menu a couple of weeks ago (lamb's tongue and marrow were the highlights!) and my husband ordered an app and entree. They coordinated beautifully and we both ended with their oh-so-delicious desserts. My only regret is that we can't get there more often.