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Mar 21, 2011 08:11 PM

Best Breakfast in ensenada

So...I have found many amazing places to eat in Ensenada for lunch and dinner. But, as far as breakfast goes...nothing great yet. El Rey Sol is good...but if you have ever had breakfast at campanile in L.A. or brunch at Langhams in San Marino...well...that is a much higher level. So...are there any really really good places for breakfast or brunch that would rival the kind of places i'm talking about? Thanx

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  1. Hi tridogg,

    I reposted your question to Baja Nomad and this is the the response I received from Bajabound2005: " breakfast....Cafeteria Monique on 9th and Espinoza. While I've not personally been there...a lot of people like Cafe Orleans on Blvd Costero (relatively new). And yes, they do southern....Veleros Restaurant in the Hotel Corona is good. Mi's inexpensive; the food "adequate"

    Brunch: Hotel Coral (the restaurant is Antares)....they do a brunch of some type every day but the only we've been to is Sunday and it is AWESOME. And if you're 60+ of age, ask for the "abuelos" discount. And if you're seated inside, don't forget to go outside and see what's out there....carne asada, raw oysters, clam ceviche."

    BUT, if you are looking for a "Campanile-style" restaurant for breakfast, I have to step up and recommend "La Espadana" in Tijuana"' (Ironically, Campanile translates to "bell tower" and Espadana translates to "bell wall".)

    The following is from a Hungry Hiker TJ review that is a few years old, but I have eaten there several times and it is all true:

    "The Setting

    La Espadaña is beautiful inside and out. The dining room is large and roomy with high, open-beam ceilings and Mexican pottery tastefully arranged on the walls. You can watch the freshly-made tortillas cooking on the grill at the front counter. Restrooms are spotless.

    A variety of music plays over the PA system and the volume is quite reasonable.

    There are rules here about attire but they don't appear to be too strict; it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to be wearing shorts and a tank top, but if a man is wearing a tank top "beach shirt", he will politely be given a polo shirt to wear while dining.

    This restaurant has a reputation in Tijuana for being the best place to eat breakfast and I couldn't agree more. If you arrive late on a Sunday morning it is likely you will find a long waiting line, but there is a pleasant area outside where you can sit and wait by the fountain. Be sure to station someone inside, however, as there are no microphones to announce loudly when your table is ready.

    We haven't eaten dinner here for many years, and the last time we did the dinner was not memorable. I have heard that things have not changed much as far as dinner goes.

    II. The Food and the Service

    The omelets here are fantastic, very flavorful and most are on the spicy side. An omelet with champiñones (mushrooms) and that distinctively Mexican herb, epazote, with chile pasilla, is only 35 pesos and comes with delicious beans on par with those at Casa de Mole and all the fresh, hot-off-the-grill tortillas that you can eat. Chilaquiles, that much-loved tortilla casserole, is on the menu for 32 pesos and is delicious. La Españada burritos are three unsauced egg burritos with chesse and flavored with mild green chiles; the every tasty. The machaca was a little too salty for our "go light on the salt" desires. A huge plate of fresh papaya served with sliced lime and a pitcher of honey is a special treat at 20 pesos. For those on diets, you can get fruit salads with cottage cheese.

    If spicy breakfasts are not your thing, you can have granola (18 pesos) or hot cakes (that's Spanish for pancakes!)

    Despite the fact La Españada was extremely busy the day we visited, after we were seated a pleasant waitress was at our table within minutes. Even more surprizing, it could not have been more than 10 minutes before our food was served, steaming hot and delicious.

    III. Beverages

    As almost everywhere in Mexico, when you order fruit juice, you get the real thing, no frozen or canned juices here and they always taste delicious. Or try their licuados, that special Mexican mix of fruit juice with water or milk, only 20 pesos. You have your choice here of regular coffee or "cafe de la olla", or sweetened coffee simmered with cinnamon."

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    1. re: Gypsy Jan

      thanx, just so happens i'll be staying at hotel coral in may and will be needing a brunch on Sunday so i'll definately try that. usually avoid tj so although that place sounds great, probly not go there. I'll put cafeteria monique on my list of places to try, i'm only there 2 days in may but when i go in September i'll be there for 5 days Thanx for the tips though, always great to find new great places to go. Richard

      1. re: tridogg

        Why are you avoiding Tijuana? Some of the best food in Baja is currently being served there, it would nbe a shame to pass it by. If safety is your concern it's not the wild, wild west show it was a couple of years ago, things have calmed down considerably.

        1. re: DiningDiva

          Mision 19 Tijuana menu looks so incredible and can't wait to dine there..

          As far as Ensenada, its been years but we would always have fab meals at the El Rey Sol..breakfast was some of the best I've ever had.
          For me, there is nothing better than a Mexican breakfast in Mexico!

          1. re: Beach Chick

            So true...fresh fruit, juice freshly squeezed from fruit (and vegetables) that is actually ripe, breakfast pastries that aren't too sweet, creamy yogurt, endless hot dishes that could double as entrees at other meals, egg dishes galore, chorizo, beans, cheese and fresh, hot tortillas. Okay, now I'm officially hungry for a Mexican breakfast

    2. Well,I haven't stopped in tj for years but tijuana for me was always too big, too busy, dirty and then i have concerns about safety. Some of the food reviews have made me think about doing a food run some day, it's not out of the question but i have always much preferred the ambiance of ensenada.