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Mar 21, 2011 08:06 PM

Buying Portuguese wine in Fall River & New Bedford


I am looking for places to buy inexpensive Portuguese table wines in Fall River & New bedford. I know about Seabra's, but would like to explore some other places when I go down there.

I am really looking for cheap wines, hoping to find some good value wines.

Any thoughts appreciated....


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  1. Chaves Market in Fall River has a good selection of Portuguese 5 liter bottles (with a cork) that run around $17
    I usually get the Adao 5 liter
    they also have a modest selection of other Portuguese wines including Ports in 5ths
    very reasonable prices overall

    Chaves Market
    49 Columbia Street
    Fall River
    (508) 672-7821

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        Genes market on Brayton ave in fall river has a pretty good selection too,not quite as large as chaves,but still good.genes chourico is the best in the area,get a few links to take home with you,and some st. georges cheese too,and that amazing assortment of breads too!!

        1. re: im hungry

          Thanks for the tip. Love the chourico, nice folks (very "townie" atmosphere!)

    1. Try Xavier Market on North Front Street in NB--good prices and selection.