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Mar 21, 2011 07:49 PM

Bochi's in Quakertown

There's this little stand next to Pep's Ice cream on Broad street, it used to be a hot dog stand, and it only has a window. Peps used to be the Rita's Water Ice and is fairly new in that location.

A friend told me about it so we had to try it...mostly, they make empanadas. They also make "tartas" which are like a layered quiche, but with hardboiled eggs and cheese on top. The tartas are massive...they're at least 1.5 lbs and are less than $5. We got a ham one and ate it for about 8 meals. It was pretty tasty, the real star is the empanadas. They have a sweet corn one, as well as some expected things, like spicy beef and spicy chicken. The BBQ pork is spicy and sweet and unexpected in a really good way.

They are small empanadas, so 2-3 in a side dish would be a good sized meal. Really 2 is all you need.

The owner gave us free flan our first trip there, and that was also really good. It's literally a mom & pop place, with the daughter helping. Really small, and take out only at this point.

They have other things, like sandwiches and such on the menu, but we didn't try those. is their website. Really loud music is playing so beware.

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  1. sommrluv, you are a very dangerous person. I really want to try them now. I might actually get my kids to start with a hot dog one and work up to the spicy beef.

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    1. re: JohnnyKBar

      Just seeing this thread again makes me want one. Our second visit the family told us they were from Argentina, and made them in the style they grew up with. A friend from from Brazil said they were very close to what she knew at home.

      The spicy beef is really very good. We went back and had the spicy chicken and that seemed really significantly hotter to me. Hot dog empanadas...who knew? I bet the kids would like it!

      1. re: sommrluv

        Finally got to try the empanadas, The spicy chicken was spicy and killer, The BBQ was OK,
        The Onion and cheese were good as were the ham and cheese. Cannot wait to go back and try some of the others!

        1. re: teddybare

          Finally got to try them last night with the kids (6 & 3). Thought I was ordering Hot Dog empanada, but apparently no one like them, so they've dropped them from the menu. The 6-yo got a regular hot dog and declared it the best she's ever had.
          The 3-yo had sweet corn empanada & loved it. Great corn flavor. Less enthusiastic about the Ham & Cheese, & I have to agree. Tasty, but needs more caramelized ham flavor.

          Spicy chicken was phenomenal. Really knocks it out of the park. I could have several of those. The spicy beef is also really good, but doesn't quite get to the chicken's level.

          All for less than $10, plus a few to take home to the Mrs. This is one place I really hope stays around for a while.