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Mar 21, 2011 07:28 PM

Hot and Spicy - Baltimore/Ellicott City

Hi Chilliheads,

Where to go in west baltimore area for rippin hot food either Indian, Thai or ghost chili other???

Thanks for your suggestions...


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  1. I have been to Honey Pig several times...and the food is good, and downright's Korean...across the Balimore Natl. pike from the Enchanted Forest Safeway...

    1. I agree, Korean is going to be your best bet. I like the spicy soondubu at Lighthouse Tofu. Also Hunan Taste comes to mind for fantastically spicy Chinese - I've had a very spicy noodle dish there in the past, but can't recall the name of it.

      Hunan Taste
      718 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

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      1. re: Jason1

        The pork belly on the Hunan Taste "real" menu is fabulous...

        Hunan Taste
        718 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

      2. We had some fried peppers at Mirchi Wok in Columbia that were kicking. They coook Indo-Chinese fusion food, which is really cool. But make sure they know that you like the heat!

        Mirchi Wok
        6365 Dobbin Rd Ste A, Columbia, MD 21045

        1. Jong Kak in Baltimore is mentioned here. It's not in the nicest of neighborhoods, but it might be worth a look. BBQ is not cheap, but other stuff on the menu was. Could be a worthwhile hole in the wall kind of joint.

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              I don't remember Jong Kak being overly spicy, but it was delicious. I organized a chowhound dinner there a couple of years ago that went over very well.

          1. Bangkok Delight in north Columbia but very near Ellicott City has "mild, medium, hot and native thai" as heat levels. A guy I work with got red curry "native thai" and his head practically blew off.


            Bangkok Delight
            8825 Centre Park Dr Ste A, Columbia, MD 21045

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            1. re: hon

              practically blew off.... now we are getting somewhere. I will try this next week and report back..

              1. re: lhpangler

                he is a chili head and it was hot for him!