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Mar 21, 2011 07:23 PM

Ideas for dinner: just me and 2yo

My daughter will eat just about anything except raw vegetables. I usually shop once a week at each store, we have some access to Asian markets, whole foods, TJ's.
Some hits have been: fresh egg pasta (bought) with broccoli and onions, mushrooms and pasta, tomato sauce with meat and pasta, risottos, roast duck (but too $ for whole one really), any kind of greens cooked in garlic, fried chicken cutlet or fish. corn tortillas with all manner of fillings. meat of any kind. she loves lox and salmon sashimi so a good salmon recipe would be great. Really appreciate this as a busy mom looking to expand my repertoire. thanks!

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  1. i'd definitely start by exploring starches beyond pasta, rice & tortillas. how about polenta? plenty of ideas here:

    savory oatmeal, buckwheat and barley are super-versatile too.

    for the salmon:

    turkey burgers are easy & kid-friendly too:

      1. Ummm....plain noodles with cheese? PB&J? Hard cooked egg whites but not yolks and no No NO touching of any food on my plate please now, Mama!

        Seriously, you are doing a great job and you are very blessed to have such an adventurous eater. My son was like that, but the door slammed shut at around 3. I always wondered what would've happened if I had picked a dozen or so "regulars" (but still interesting, complex flavors) and stuck with them. There's an instinctive narrowing that often occurs between 2-3 -- but maybe we would've narrowed to things our whole family could've happily eaten again and again. Instead, I tried a different thing every night, which was loads of fun for me & my husband (and a great creative outlet for me), but apparently too much of a scatter-shot for him. And so he ended up refusing a LOT. Now, at 6 1/2 he's opening up again, which is fun, but my almost 3 daughter is starting to it's a challenge.

        That said, something I didn't see on your list is soup -- which can be great freeze-ahead food. We like lentil and minestrone especially. My kids also love turkey meatballs and eggs (egg salad, deviled eggs, scrambled, omelets, etc.). And homemade pizza.


        1. One of my favorite quick dinners is salmon burgers, just cooked in a cast iron skillet on the stove top. If I have a little more time, then baked with honey/soy sauce glaze on top.

          I second the soup ideas. My kids love soups and it has been a good way to get them eating beans of all sorts. I usually start with a little bit of sausage and chopped shallot, add hard veggies (cubed squash, sweet potato, carrots, whatever), then add softer veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, etc.) and precooked beans along with broth. Herbs, S&P to taste. Nice thing about soup is that I can make it on Sunday for a weeknight dinner, plus leftovers for lunch.

          1. My 6 year old daughter eats anything. My 4 year old son, not so much, but here are some of the things that they both eat...

            Turkey chili
            Rice and Beans with Sausage (have a recipe that I got from CH a few years ago)
            Ravioli Lasagna
            Roast turkey breast
            Various stir fries

            If you are interested in any of these, I can give more specifics.