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Mar 21, 2011 07:09 PM

What is Kombucha?

?I bought some Yogi decaf green tea with Kombucha. I like it a lot. But what is Kombucha. I know it is fermented, but does it have carbs? The ingredient listing on the box is not helpful. I suspect what is it the tea is refined or something, so I would like to assume I am not getting extra carbs when I drink a cup.

I also gather that you can make your own Kombucha. Why would I, or anyone, want to do that?


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    1. Kombucha is a fermented Chinese tea that i personally really enjoy. The fermentation process is aided by the addition of sugars, which are your carbs. Depending on the brand you buy (I prefer the G.T. Daves / Synergy brand, or the Austin made Buddhas Brew) the carb/sugar content will vary as well. The GT Daves has about 7g of carbs per 8oz serving, but a bottle makes a great snack.
      From what I've read about home brewing the stuff, I'd leave it to the pros as you can get very ill if improperly brewed.

      1. I have a friend who makes his own. I guess it is tea with a fungus that grows on top of it. I tried some and it tasted like tea with almost a carbonated tingle to it and tasted mildly alcoholic kind of like a wine cooler. I wasn't bad but didn't blow me away either. He makes his own because it is cheap and he can control the ingredients. Supposedly it cures whatever ails you (like most weird things seem to).

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          I had completely forgotten about this stuff... My parents drank this nonsense for a while about 15 years ago. Basically tasted like drinking cider vinegar. It was horrible. They made me drink about a half a cup of it with dinner every night. I always had to pinch my nose and just shoot it back. God, what an awful memory.

        2. Kombucha is a fermented tea with a somewhat sour, apple-like flavor and a light carbonated fizz. The kombucha culture itself will need sugar on which to feed, so there are some residual sugars in kombucha, however I don't know how that corresponds to the dried version. They may just separate the culture from the tea, dry it and pacakage it with a blend of tea leaves.

          As for why you want to make your own kombucha, the touted health benefits are contained in the kombucha liquid and not the culture itself. The byproducts of culturing tea, organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids are not present in a merely kombucha-flavored tea. You can also control the level of souring and sweetness you want in your batch.

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            Thanks guys. I did try a search through Google and on CH. I still didn't know what I want to know. I can't seem to get out of my gmail (long story) to email the company. I think I will use a phone to call!

            They list the caffeine the product has, but nothing on carbs.

            So, Kombucha is a product that is fermented and it is supposed to be healthy in some way, and it might have carbs.

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              If you buy the bottled brands available at places like Whole Foods or other health stores, they should have carbs listed on the back. These are kept in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Most of GT Dave's flavors have 7g carbs per 8oz serving. I dont know about dry kombucha tea, but I would assume if there is no nutritional data on the box, the carbs and calories are negligble.

              1. re: Ecgravatt

                The Kombucha I am referring to is in a green tea bag! I brew the tea and drink it. I am on a low carb diet. There are no carbs listed on the package of tea.

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                  then i would assume the carb content is negligble.

                  1. re: sueatmo

                    I think the amount of carbs is related to how fermented the kombucha actually is.

                    I make my own and like it on the sweeter side so I don't let it fully ferment. There is quite a bit of sugar still present. There have been a few times I forgot about the jar fermenting in the the closet and by that time it was full on vinegar! Definitely no sugar left!

                    As for the tea bags containing 'booch, I'd trust what the package says as long as you aren't adding sugar before you drink it!