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Mar 21, 2011 06:43 PM

Lancaster: Hershey Farms or Dienners?

Hi There,

We will be coming into the area for one night on a thursday in May. Staying at the Best Western Revere. We would like to try one of the smorgasbord restaurants that feature PA Dutch foods. I think I have narrowed it down to Hershey Farms or Dienners. Not worried about which is cheaper, we would like to go where there is the best food.

I would love some feedback on which you think would be the best choice :)


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  1. Have not been to Hershey Farms since their renovation but it used to be quite mediocre. Dienners has always been a good buffet(especially the roast chicken). Remember it closes at 6PM every night but Friday.

    1. Don't go to Hershey Farms. Please don't go there. Dienners is the far better choice

      1. Thanks guys! We will definately do Dienners, just have to make sure we get there on time!

        1. I have not been in the area in a few years but Good and Plenty was very good Dutchy food, Miller's Smorgasbord was good but awesome for Breakfast and there was another called Plain and Fancy. I'm not familiar with Dienners and the places I mentioned may not even exist anymore...JJ

          Miller's Smorgasbord
          , Ronks, PA 17572