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Mar 21, 2011 06:38 PM

Fabulous food in Sausalito????

I'm assuming you fabulous folks in the SF/Bay Area will have great ideas about wonderful restaurants in Sausalito. My husband is heading there in late April and I would love to be able to give him a list of fantastic eating opportunities. Thanks for any help.

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    1. The new Plate Shop on Caledonia St. is getting really good notices and the chef has a fine pedigree. Also on Caledonia is Sushi Ran with some of the best fish in the bay area and their cooked food is awfully good as well. Poggio on Bridgeway for Italian just got a 3 star review from the SFChron's Bauer, I haven't been in a while but it was delish the last time I was there. For mediocre food but good drinks and absolutely world class views of SF and the Bay try Spinnaker. Very informal, right on the water, cash only and pricey is Fish and the food is abfab.

      777 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

      Sushi Ran
      107 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965

      1. I really enjoyed my mussels at Fish. My SO didn't love his crab tacos, but did adore his fish and chips.

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          Fish's "Saigon Salmon" sandwich (a banh mi) is terrific, and my toddler loves their 'fish sticks', too. Fish tacos great too.

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            FISH, but long lines at times on weekends. Their ceviche is great! Crave it.

            Nearby and also off the tourist trail, Paradise Bay. They have a lovely deck on the water, and the food is not too expensive. I enjoyed their Ahi Sandwich and yam fries.

            Paradise Bay Restaurant & Bar
            1200 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

        2. Le Garage is a French bistro with good food and service and reasonable prices in a very casual atmosphere right on the water. They also have their own (free) parking lot.

          Le Garage
          85 Liberty Ship Way Ste 109, Sausalito, CA