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Mar 21, 2011 04:45 PM

I have this oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough...

..and I want to do something creative with it.

It went down like this: I'm in a book club, and I wanted to bring a sweet something that was decadent that didn't involve utensils to eat, but I needed it to be super easy as I only had about an hour to put it together the night before, in addition to getting regular dinner on the table and bathing two kids AND finishing the book. I remembered that a lot of people rave about those little cookie cups that involve nothing but refrigerated cookie dough with a miniature peanut butter cup plopped in the middle of them, googled it and added the items to my grocery list all ready to go.

Well, the store was out of pb cookie dough and the wonderful (I mean that in all sincerity, bless him!) hubby bought both chocolate chip and oatmeal chocolate chip instead . I used the choc chip to make the cookies and they were addictive. BUT, the book club was snowed out and postponed so the hubs and kiddos (and I) ended up finishing the lot of them off.

This Wednesday is the snow date for said book club, and I still have the oatmeal chocolate chip tube in the fridge and figure I may as well use it up. I don't have the bag of peanut butter cups as I used them in the first go...but my pantry is stocked with pretty well all other baking ingredients. I feel like just making cookies says "I couldn't be bothered to do more than bake refrigerated cookie dough" hence the reason I'm looking to put a twist on it, but there are almost no recipes out there involving the oatmeal variety (surprisingly, pillsbury doesn't even make this sort, it's a new one from president's choice here in Canada).

Any brilliant ideas? Thanks!!

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  1. don't know if it would raise it to decadent, but pecans and dried cherries or cranberries go really well with oatmeal and chocolate chip. and rather than scooping the dough, you could press it into a pan (have to add some baking time), then cut into pretty shapes.

    1. ice cream pie.

      press the dough into a pie/tart pan, bake & cool. soften a pint of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and spread over the crust. drizzle with caramel or chocolate sauce.

      if you want to gild the lily, thin out some peanut butter with a little cream and spread a layer of it over the crust before adding the ice cream.

      1. I'd roll the entire tube into a large cookie, take a pizza cutter and make sliced indentations before baking, bake it on a pizza pie plate in the oven using the same temp but watching the baking time. Once cooled, I would separate into "slices" and dip the point end in melted chocolate (maybe a dip in some crushed nuts) and serve.

        1. Thanks for the inspiration! I'd hoped to add dried cherries or cranberries but discovered I didn't really have enough of either. So I just pressed it into an 8x8 pan and poured chocolate chips on the top to spread as soon as it came out of the oven. It's still soft - may sprinkle on some walnuts too if get a chance. Not too creative but I was more pressed for time than I anticipated. Will have to remember that ice cream pie idea - not feasible for this since I'd have to transport and I was looking to avoid needing cutlery - but that sounds delicious!!

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            If you have white chocolate (and time), melt it in a zip lock bag, cut the corner and drizzle lines on the cake. Then run a toothpick across it. Or, just put a doily on top, sprinkle powdered sugar over it. It gives it a nice touch. They both just add a little color.

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              the pie trick works with a brownie or blondie base too - in fact, when i created my first version of it i used brownies. the flavors and variations are practically endless!

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Yes I wish I'd seen this idea beforehand as I think it would be very pretty. Next time!

                Wouldn't you know, we had gorgeous weather all last week but it's snowing like crazy today. Book club may be postponed yet again. The hubs and kids win treats again!