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Mar 21, 2011 03:53 PM

Quebec City : Quebec exquis festival

Anyone planning on dining at the restaurants playing part in the Quebec exquis "festival@? ( french only


I will have lunch at cafe du clocher penche and dinner at SSS.

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  1. I booked the Laurie Raphaël tomorrow (Tuesday), Panache Thursday and Saint-Amour Saturday, all for dinner. We had to make a selection and went for producers who seemed interesting and chefs we admire, though I would have loved to go to the Canard Goulu and the Toast as well.

    I'm curious to hear your comments!

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      Lunch at Clocher penché was good, although I wasn't a fan of the soup. Frozen nougat for dessert was great though. Overall a pleasant experience, as always at Clocher penché.

      At the SSS, the entrée was really tasty, slowly cooked beef, gratiné, served on a sort of tartiflette. It was served with a very average salad. I was very dissapointed in the service, though. It was our first time there, and I don't think we'll go back.

      Cafe Du Clocher Penche
      203 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K3B1, CA

      Restaurant SSS
      71 Rue Saint Paul, Quebec, QC G1K, CA