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Good sushi in Marina/Venice/Santa Monica

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Looking for good sushi in the Marina/Venice/Santa Monica area. More interested in good Fish than good Atmosphere.

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  1. Look throught this photo review by Perceptor of Irori in Marina del Rey and if you can resist going here you have more will power than I do...

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. irori,
      Irori Japanese Restaurant
      4371 Glencoe Ave # B-4
      Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 View Map
      (310) 822-3700
      Cross Street: Mindanao

      1432 Abbot Kinney Blvd
      Venice, CA 90291-3741 View Map
      (310) 314-0882

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        I agree with Shima... brown rice sushi is pretty unique... Yoshi mills the rice personally to get just the right texture and taste... but the tab adds up fast...

        Wabi Sabi - also on Abbot Kinney - is pretty good - our friends think it's great - but it gets really crowded...

      2. Try The Hump (Santa Monica Airport).

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          definitely IRORI!!

          1. Are you kidding me? You MUST try the following...

            Hiko Sushi (National at Sawtelle)
            Sasabune (Wilshire west of Bundy)
            Hamasaku (Santa Monica at Sepulveda)
            Yu&Mi (little Santa Monica at Beverly)

            Those are in order of my favs... Enjoy!

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            1. Try Kiriko or Sushi Zo--with slight edge to Kiriko. See all the rave posts on both these places. Kiriko has a terrific lunch deal ($30) for 10 pieces plus dessert (home-made ice cream that is incredible). Been there twice lately. Hard to imagine much better.

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                i agree except recently i had a less than great experience there, waiting 20 minutes for the next round of sushi several times. the whole meal wasn't as good as usual.

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                  Yup, I love Kiriko, but I've had that same 20 minute lag. One of the reasons I go to Sushi Tenn more often lately. I think the sushi is just as good and the cooked dishes better (except for Kiriko matsutake mushroom soup, which cannot be improved, but matsutake season is over). Kiriko has better ice cream though. Haven't tried Zo yet.

              2. Irori has been our go-to weekly spot since we moved to LA. Hard to beat their ambiance, quality-to-cost value ratio. But we understand they've lost Shige, which hurts, cuz he was one of the main reasons to go there. It's one of the few places you can go in LA and get amazing quality sushi and be content for $50+ for two people.

                As far as more spendy sushi places like Sasabune, Kiriko - like those too, but they cost a lot more. Just got home from Hiko and had a fabulous meal - comparable and slightly less $ than Sasabune. We'll be back to Hiko soon.

                1. Go a bit further East to Echigo. It is still my go to for straight-up good sushi and yes I do like the warm rice. Just had a meal at Sushi King (because they are open late) and couldn't help wishing I was at Echigo. I like the Hump too but if you order beyond sushi, it is $$$. They do wonders with mini-torches.