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Mar 21, 2011 02:59 PM

Bar Bocce in Sausalito

They recently opened in what used to be (I think) Northpoint Coffee. The menu sounds promising. Anyone tried it? Thanks!

Bar Bocce
1250 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

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    1. Updates? Details on the food at Bar Bocce?

      1. I hate to badmouth a cute little place, but go for the wine and view, and stay away from the food.

        Rudimentary salad, aka too many leaves with *nothing* but a stingy slice of stale Parmesan... uninspired, limp, thin but soaking wet pizza. Boring meatballs. Nice venue, but wildly overpriced for what it is, and a lifeless menu. I went in Sept of last year tho... so ANY UPDATE IS WELCOME. Fact is Sausalito is rife with bad tourist traps or awkward cougar bars, and this feels like both. The nighttime local vibe is festive, though. It was extremely busy.... if this was yelp I might think it would be 3 stars, but since it's chowhound we're slightly more discerning and I would say 2, mainly at that level because wine and view is lovely.

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          I am new to the area but ate there just in May and both my friend and I had tasty, crisp pizza's. The other diner had the meatballs and liked them but I don't know her taste in food, so can't really say. I agree, menu not really exciting but sort of fit the feel they want simple. I can't comment on the prices as I forget and was also still having a lot of sticker shock back then.

          Your SF board is great, I am learning so much from all of you and have no idea how I will ever try all of the interesting places.

          1. re: bonappetite

            Thanks to you both for the input. The sourdough crust on the wood-fired pizza in Bunrab's photo looks great, makes me want to try it.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I've very much enjoyed the pizza and salads and eggplant parmesan on every visit to Bar Bocce. Never a soggy pizza in a dozen or so visits. I think their use of ingredients is judicious, which I like. Especially enjoyed the snap pea app and shaved fennel and artichoke salads on a recent visit. I do always ask for my pizza on the dark side of done here and just about everywhere. And we tend to go mid afternoon, which is quite pleasant and uncrowded. When we have gone at crowded times, looked like a pretty typical local Sausalito crowd to me.

              1. re: gumbolox

                I definitely want to point out that 85% of my reviews end up 4 stars or higher.. it's pretty hard to get me to focus on negativity, or spend time crafting any review to be negative - I rather not. I only write a negative comment if I think it should be a warning... I just don't want to come off as a negative nelly. Allfairfax makes me feel a bit better tho. I can tell you it was such I just couldn't imagine giving it another chance...

                I just want to preface I don't spend time on the internet being negative, typically. =) CHEERS! Going to Redd tonight up in Yountville. SO EXCITED.

        2. My evening at Bar Bocce was several months ago and left me quite underwhelmed with the food but enjoying the loud and lively atmosphere not to mention being able to drink beer and play bocce while waiting for a table. Pizza was as unclefishbits described it "uninspired" and looked nothing like Bunrabs fine (as always) photo. Service was friendly but incompetent. Young singles and families crowded the place, so seemed to me more like a Marin joint than a tourist trap. I would return here for beer and bocce and go up the road to Pizzeria Pico or even the farmer's market Pizza Politano for the pie. But perhaps things have improvedin the past few months? Anyone?