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Mar 21, 2011 02:50 PM

Tilia in Linden Hills

Didn't see any reviews yet. Anyone been? Is it fully open? Any recommended dishes?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was there on Friday night, early, with a toddler and a baby in tow. I can attest to the family-friendliness--waitstaff was great to us, didn't seem fazed at all by having to deal with two little ones. It can be a little crowded, but the booth we were in was plenty big enough for two adults, kid in booster, and a bucket car seat. We weren't very adventurous eaters, but the turkey burgers we had were quite good. I was a little nervous that mine was undercooked, but I'm still alive so it couldn't have been too bad. Fries were pretty tasty, and the ketchup/mayo dip they came with was really good.

      The kids menu is fantastic--I think they had a burger, grilled chicken, pasta with cream sauce, and something else I'm forgetting, and you can get them in big kid or little kid sizes (and prices). But the best part was the little menu of appetizers for kids--our 2 year old got crackers with honey butter for either $1 or $2. What a great idea.

      The place is beautiful, and it has a great energy. Looks like a good beer list (though I'm not a beer drinker). I'm really excited they're in my neighborhood.

      1. Just saw Andrew Zimmerman raving about it in his MSP Mag blog here:

        Looks like a winner, can't wait to give it a try sometime soon.

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        1. re: WeZeL27

          Has Steven Brown ever done anything that AZ didn't rave about? As I recall, AZ couldn't say enough good things about Porter + Frye when that opened too. Because really, that was SUCH a great restaurant.

          Listen, I love AZ. Think his passion for better food in the Twin Cities is fantastic. Enjoy his show when he visits places I've been or have been thinking about visiting. But he's a lousy reviewer of restaurants because he has ZERO objectivity. If you are on his favorite list (Doug, Steven, Lenny), you could serve a dump sandwich and he'd rave about it. If you are not part of his crowd, you could hire Thomas Keller and AZ would find a way to take cheap shots at your business.

            1. re: Db Cooper

              Yeah...Db nailed it. That guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. His blessing is generally an indication to me not to go somewhere, though Steven Brown is terrific, so I'll certainly try Tilia.

              AZ should stick to eating balls and filming it.

          1. This is no Travail. I have always liked Steven Brown. I thought Rock Star was good and so was Levain. I am not as sold on this concept. First, there was no ac and it was over 90 degrees at dinner time. IT was almost too hot in the resto to even want to eat. After waiting over an hour (we went early) to sit, they put 4 of us at a table for 2. Really put a hamper on things. I then inquired about corkage. They told me crap wine was $17 a bottle but if you bring something good, you pour a glass for Steven and no charge.

            We ordered a bunch of apps (beet salad, shrimp, fish tacos and escargot). I thought the fish taco and escargot were very good (be careful of the escargot, burned the roof of my mouth).

            We then ordered the Duck, brisket, cod and tagliateli. I thought they all were somewhat unremarkable. Nothing really stood out to me.

            For dessert I thought the toffee date cake was good.

            I will not go back to this place for a long time. Very small space and does not take reservations. I will wait at Travail just because it is such a great experience not so for Tilia.

            Also, isn't that the name of the Foodsaver?

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            1. re: Latinpig

              "First, there was no ac and it was over 90 degrees at dinner time."

              Ugh. Is that also part of their "Democratic" approach to customer service?

            2. I've been, and I thought it was just OK. Not bad, just unremarkable at dinner service. However I have a sister in law who went for lunch and raved about it. So maybe their calling is in dressed up simple breakfast and lunch food.

              Also, the bartender was totally clueless as to the beer selections and even how to pronounce "Tripel" going so far as to correct me.