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Mar 21, 2011 02:50 PM

Finally,Authentic Thai food in the area (maybe in all of Florida or the USA)

Having backpacked throughout Thailand, Laos,Cambodia , Vietnam and others fourteen times and experienced the true flavors of those nations and of course so disappointed tasting the American version of Thai food. I was surprised to discover that an old Thai restaurant on the corner of Congress and Forest Hills had a new owner offering a ten dollar lunch buffet that had a great assortment of true thai foods.
Although their green and red curry dishes were quite watery, the other choices were original Thai and delicious,,,,breaded fish in a herb sauce, original yam won soon and so many others.
All serves with so many sauces and choices of rice, fruit, soup (did I mention an assortment of Japanese rolls?)
If you did experience real Thai food in that country (and not at the Oriental Hotel and similar others) and enjoyed the small street food places, you will be happy at this place. If you just like the American version of Thai food, then you will not appreciate the restaurant. I think the name was Orchids of Siam

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  1. sorry the restaurant is in West Palm Beach

    1. If this is the place ->

      the menu looks exactly like every generic Americanized Thai restaurant I've run into in South Florida. Except maybe even less Thai items and more Japanese stuff than usual. Exactly what about it is so authentic?