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Craft Burger disaster - will not be going back

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So I go in today for a burger, fries and shake. no big deal. Craft burger is one of my favourite burgers in the city. I sit at the end of the bar and wait patiently for my order - except that when it comes, my fries are a fiery orange, and burnt. I tell the fry cook that I would like some fries that aren't burnt. She informs me that based on the season and type of potato and such, the fries will "look different" (true, but this was not the case here). To my right is a couple of guys having burgers, and their fries look completely normal and an un-burnt, golden brown colour. In the meantime, the fry cook has wandered off to the manager, and she comes barreling down. "What can I do for you?" I say "my fries are burnt". And she replies, "they're not burnt, that's how they are". I eat a couple, and tell her that they're burnt, and ask her to try one. She refuses. So I tell her to look over to my right, and I say "Are his fries burnt?" To which she replies "Look, I'm not going to argue with you. These fries aren't burnt. We can 'undercook' them if you like." And I say, "I don't want undercooked fries, I just want some that aren't burnt". So, she goes away, mumbling about undercooked fries, and tells the fry cook to make me some new fries. The fry cook is nearby, so I ask her "Did the guy (beside me) ask for under-cooked fries?" She says no. A few minutes later, I get my new fries, and the "manager" asks the fry cook, "did you undercook them?" and she says yes. I get back to my car, and try one - They're totally inedible. Totally mushy, and soggy, and was like chewing through butter. I went back and put them back beside the cash, where the manager was standing, and walked out.

I won't be going back again. What a disgusting display of customer service. I understand that they're busy, but there's no excuse for behaviour like that, nor is there an excuse for a burger joint not being able to cook fries properly. I've been around, had a fry or five thousand, I know the difference between when a fry is over-cooked, undercooked, and when it's cooked properly. Fiery-orange is not a properly cooked fry, it means your fryer is too damn hot, and is cooking the outside of the french fry before the inside is cooked.

Craft Burger: Don't order the fries, or expect any customer service. Otherwise, you're good.

edit for posterity - Mustafa, the owner (very nice indeed) did offer me a complimentary meal, and did apologize for the incident. However, until there's a staffing change at this 'institution', of sorts, I will not be going back.

Big Smoke Burger
573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. the only 'orange' fry i have ever seen is a sweet potato fry....overcooked or burned regular fries tend to go from golden to deeper shades of brown and then black....

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Folks, we asked justpete to repost his comments on this restaurant to be in keeping with our etiquette guidelines, and we've removed a number of replies here commenting on the previous post, and then more commenting on the reason why those replies were removed, as that type of meta-discussion is off-topic here.

          1. Just found this posting so not sure if it was originally asked and then deleted as per the Chow Hounders posting. That does really sound unfortunate that this person behaved the way they did. Which location did you go to?

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              This was the king street location. Very close to home. Looks like I will be going to bp for my burger fixes for the forseeable future.