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Jan 12, 2006 12:54 PM

Sake House on La Brea?

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Anyone been to the little sushi joint on the west side of La Brea, just south of Wilshire? I think it's called Sake House, and I'm very curious. Any good? What about the Korean-looking places across the street? All very mysterious ...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sake House does not really specialize in sushi, but rather in sake and bar snacks. The sushi is adequate, and there are some nice cooked dishes. It's more of a drinking-with-snacks place than a full-on dinner destination, but very cute. They also have lunch specials and happy hour specials like two for one sake and beers.
    There was a review of the Korean place on the board once...if you google the name you'll find it. I'm pretty sure it specialized in the anuses of some, you didn't read that wrong.


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      can't talk...eating

      I actually was just in there for the first time a couple nights ago. According to the waiter/bartender, it's Japanese "street food", stuff you'd find on food carts in the streets of Osaka. They have a sake tasting special early in the week (Tues/Wed?), which advertises "$8 for two" but we didn't determine whether this was two sakes or two people.

      At any rate, we were drinking Asahi. The set up is confusing, since there are a couple menus - one standard one and another with various grilled "skewer" choices of meat and veggies which he didn't show us until after we'd ordered our item. Which was, I'm sad to report, nearly inedible - "octopus pancake". He said they were a specialty of Osaka and really tasty. We were hoping for a mini version of My Secret Recipe, but let's just say they were more like hush-puppy-moist dough balls with largish chucks of octopus tentacle suspended inside, set in a pool of mayo and topped with a liberal dousing of what we could only imagine was KC Masterpiece bbq sauce. And some shaved bonito. Lots of it, in fact.

      Not your idea of a good time? Mine neither. However, I will return. The menu had much I've never seen or eaten before, and I assume we badly misordered. The beers were nice and cold, and the atmosphere cozy and pub-like.

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        Fantastic, thanks! I live just up the street and can't wait to try it out.

      2. Sake House is fantastic and an amazing deal if you know what to get (and what to avoid). The sushi is nothing special. They serve a solid Bi Bim Bop, which is a Korean rice dish cooked in a sizzling hot stone bowl. Also, they have a very good cooked Butterfish for about $7. If you stay w/ the cooked food, you should be set.

        1. the sweet crab tempura is really good -- wrapped in a shiso leaf if i recall. and i second the bibimbap recommendation -- although once i was there and the stone pot was so hot it set fire to the wood plate it was sitting on! they do a decent udon, and the korean barbecue is not bad either.

          the front room is very small (which is to say cute and cozy also), so you might want to call ahead if you're going for dinner.