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Mar 21, 2011 01:21 PM

Maggie Spillaine's Coming Soon to Fleetwood

They put up the sign today. There's also a hand-written sign on the door that says "Keep the door closed you dope!" How friendly!

Not sure why I'm excited over this newcomer to the neighborhood. I've never been to Mickey or Molly Spillaine's. But a town just doesn't seem complete without a brew & burger type of establishment.

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  1. I heard second hand that they are opening this Wednesday.

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    1. re: varsitysg

      That would be a miracle considering the amount of interior work left to be done. Still, if all the paperwork is in place they should be open soon. Maybe a week from tomorrow? We'll see.

      1. re: Sloth

        I agree with Sloth. Drove by this morning. At least a week to finish construction. Then they need to hire, train help and get approvals. I don't see anything happening til at least mid April.

    2. Its open. Must be a soft opening because there are no balloons, banners, etc. Just a bunch of smokers hanging outside. But the TVs are on, the barstools are occupied. I'll probably stop in for a beer and a nibbly at some point this weekend to check it out.

      1. Stopped in after shopping and had a pint. Kitchen and roof garden won't be open for another week and the smell of fresh paint and varnish is a bit overwhelming. I've never experienced that new pub smell before. However, they pour a nice Guinness, there's no jukebox (satellite radio and iPod provide the music) and the staff are nice. Menus are available even though the food isn't. Very curious about their fish tacos and curry fries.

        1. Stopped by on Friday, to add to Sloth,s reply, the roof garden is going to extend over the adjacent store also. Adding a bar on the roof next summer. Something I hadn't seen before on the brunch menu-sunnyside up eggs on the burger slider w/ bacon and cheese.