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Mar 21, 2011 12:04 PM

If you buy Campbell's soups...

Did you notice a time in the last six months when there was unexpectedly a supermarket sale of the entire line of basic soups for $1 each?

I'm asking because of a curious experience. I had never run across that kind of sale before. But then I saw it twice, in two different supermarket chains, in two different states on opposite sides of the country. But stores claim that the sales aren't dictated by the manufacturer.

So I'm curious if this happened in even more states.

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  1. Just bought Campbell soup @ Target .60 cents each for the full line.

    1. campbell's is having an advertising blitz. They seem to be trying to revive the fifties' idea of using soup as a sauce.

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        In response to the Philly "Creme", maybe?