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Mar 21, 2011 11:11 AM

Need ideas for things to cook in Ramekins

I just ordered a set of 6oz ramekins and I'm looking for some suggestions of savory dishes, soups, or desserts I can cook in them.

Off the top of my head, lava cakes, apple crisp, mac and cheese, quiche/frittata...what else?

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    1. I tried this recipe found here for baked eggs with Irish bangers and cheddar and it was very easy and tasty. I subbed a nice apple smoked sausage for the bangers.

      I've also done individual sea clam pies and also shepards pies in them.

      1. Look here
        for lots of ideas. 6 ounce ramekins would be about right for pots de creme (try butterscotch!).
        are great.

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          Yes, I was going to say that ramekins always imply custards, etc. to me.

        2. Soufflé comes to mind first.

          Chawan mushi though they're really too short for that application (and it's a big chawan mushi).

          Rillettes, foie gras, savory panna cotta. Soup with lion's head meatball, though that would look more like a big cooked eyeball.

          Outside of desserts cooked in these things, I look at them more as serving vessels than anything else.

          1. Chicken pot pie with puff pastry on top. My son did some a while back with leftover roast chicken and a mixture of veggies - green beans and corn, onions, some white wine in the gravy. Very rich and yummy.

            Jamie Oliver made an interesting looking onion soup with leeks and mixed onion types, and cheddar on top. Here's a link: