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Mar 21, 2011 10:34 AM

David Todd's, Morristown

NY Times slammed the place in their review Sunday, granting it the dreaded "Don't Bother" designation. I'd have to agree with them. There are a few good items on the menu, the tuna and salmon tartare are tasty, the scallops were good enough, but bland is the operative word. It's a nice bar, but it just seems to fall short, in my mind comaparable to Market in Harding. The foie gras on the foie gras burger was cooked like it was need that bad boy to have a little sear to it, although that can be hard to get right.

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  1. Yipes. I was hoping that it would be good. I've heard that the bar is hopping but that there's no one in the restaurant. Maybe now I know why.

    1. Been here twice...once before and once after NYT review! The service has gotten better and the food remains amazing! Great dishes done well. The wine list is exceptionally reasonably priced! Don't believe everything you read...especially in the NY Times!!!

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          You forgot the exclamation points.