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Mar 21, 2011 09:56 AM

Dinner Cruise in Bangkok

Hey all,
Can anyone recommend a dinner cruise in Bangkok that serves great food? Not sure if it exists, but the three I was looking at are the Shangri la boat, Manohra and LoyNava. Any experience there? Many thanks for any recommendations you can make.

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  1. Haven't been on any of these, only the Riverside Bangkok's boat. It's a huge Thai party boat, but it cooks its food to order, on board. Food is good, but the ambiance is lacking. Plus, one has to get to the hotel on their own.

    Haven't heard anything on the Shangri La boat. Because the Manohra and Loy Nava are pre-cooked, the quality can vary. Plus, everyone has different tastes and expectations. Therefore, the mixed reviews on the food. None of the cruises will be a contender the "best" food in Bangkok.

    Both offer hotel pick up, I believe. This makes them easy access.

    Of the two, I think I would choose Manohra; their website discourages children. ;-)

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      Good point on the children! Thanks for the info

    2. OK. So went on the dinner cruise on the Manohra. Easy to find if you are not staying at the Marriott. Skytrain to Suphon Taksin and walk to the well signed pier. The boat gets a 10--old teak rice barge with a very limited number of tables. Service gets an 8--very friendly. Food gets a 4--fish too fishy, river prawn too gamy. Ride gets a 9--great to eat and see the city by night. Overall a great trip but do not go for the food. I would consider telling them in advance that you do not eat seafood. It was not that fresh and the other dishes were better. If you have extra time and are after an experience beyond just the food, this was well worth it. The boat was easily the nicest on the river when we went. Hope that this helps others.

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        Too bad about the food. Unfortunately, few of these cruises offer cooked-to-order.

        The food reviews a always mixed for these two cruises.

        Although Manohra gears towards the tourist, "fishy" fish is a common Thai taste. But, the shrimp shouldn't smell.

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          We enjoyed the Loy Nava dinner cruise, but this was a while back, tsunami year. The food was made ahead, but they were prepared for dining companion's shellfish allergy. Especially nostalgic, considering the anticipated 12 inches of snow we are getting tonight.