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Mar 21, 2011 09:21 AM

Is there a differnece between Club Soda and Seltzer?

Is there a differnece between Club Soda and Seltzer?

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  1. Always thought Club Soda came in a bottle , seltzer came through a charger on a plain water bottle.

    1. I believe there is a small amount of sodium in club soda, not in seltzer.

      1. Club soda (unless you get the no sodium ones) have salt. There is no salt in seltzer!

        1. In the New England area, when you ask for "seltzer" you might get club soda, perrier or water carbonated with a charger. I always used the term to just mean unflavored fizzy water, though I always found the club soda to have a weird no-taste taste. In Rhode Island, some folks use the term "tonic" to mean soda or pop, not the beverage used for a gin and tonic.

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            That use of the word tonic is also found in the Boston area, though you rarely hear it said by anyone under 50 or so. The younger generations call it soda thanks to the linguistically homogenizing effect of fast-food chains.

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              When I read your comment I realized that was where I first heard it was in Boston--and I thought, but wait, it was people in their 20s saying it.................that was 40 years ago! Thanks for the flashback.

          2. seltzer has a "cleaner" taste and a different carbonation