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Mar 21, 2011 08:40 AM

Montreal hound needs comments on Paris food choices

Hi -

Heading to Paris Thurs-Sun. We want one major restaurant experience per day, to avoid food fatigue. Our choices:

Lunch Thursday: Au Lyonnais (we want to hit a Ducasse resto, since we have tried his NYC place)
Dinner Friday: Le Paul Bert (should I change this?)
DInner Saturday: (here's where I need help) Aux Deux Amis, Rino, or Jadis

Also, any other quick bites that are not too pricey, but are must visits?

We live in Montreal and we have excellent French food here - so we are looking to be blown away...


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  1. If you are an Au Pied du Cochon of Montreal fan, you might want to try Ribouldingue almost at the St Michel metro stop. Odd parts and very nice owners in a beautiful stone building. l am not a Paul Bert fan, might also consider Le Grand Pan in the wilds of the 15th with great, legendary, cotes du porc and 20 wines from cask in basement.

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      Thanks - we were at Ribouldingue in the summer. Liked it, but were not blown away.

      We are not necessarily looking for slabs of pork, and we actually would prefer some well-executed fish. Suggestions?

      In Montreal we are big fans of Trois Petits Bouchons and Les 400 coups. Market fresh, a little bit of creativity, but mostly just good solid food.

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        IMO, If you like those, most suggestions you will be given will be similar.

    2. My wife and I were in Paris last summer. We went to Au Lyonnais and while I liked it, my wife not so much. I had a liver steak which was very well prepared. We both liked the atmosphere though and they had so nice wine by the glass if that is important to you. As for quick bites, l'As du falafal on des Rosier in the Marais was excellent. You could also walk along rue Mouffettard. Several cheese shops, bakeries and wine shops to get stuff for a picnic. We also liked the bakery on ile st. louis (35 rue des Deux-Ponts) and les glace Berthillion for ice cream. By the way, we live in Montreal. Have a nice trip.

      1. If you like wines (probably so because if like 3 petits bouchons), go to "Le Verre Volé" or Racines.

        Other suggestions that I liked :
        Brasserie Thoumieux.
        Gaya Riva Gauche (for fish) $$
        Le Comptoir (for hectic and popular tourist-ish place).
        La Cremerie (for wine and small bytes)
        Spoons (Ducasse) : I liked the place $$, nice
        Passage 53 : for the precise (some say clinical) cuisine, but very good.

        One thing that Paris has that Montreal does not have is lunch specials (still expensive) at high-end restaurants in exquisite decor.


        1. L'Assiette, rue du Château, is run by an ex-Ducasse boy (David Rathgeber) and seems to have everything you're looking for. Brilliant, true bistrot food. And a perfect décor.

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            This place looks fabulous; old-fashioned bistro comfort food prepared by a modern chef. Parmentier de boudin, Pot au Feu, cassoulet etc, at reasonable prices and open on Sunday. The only draw back is the location in the 14th. Thanks much.