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Mar 21, 2011 08:24 AM

zaccaria's creekside

went on saturday night with a large party.
7 out of 8 loved it!

If you haven't been, definitely worth it.

meats, cheeses, duck, gnochi, coq au, were all fabulous - as well as the desserts!

only drawback is the noise - but you get used to it pretty quick.

dinner was lovely.

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    1. re: truffles2

      Its in Montgomery County on Skippack Pike, near the intersection with Valley Forge Road (Routes 73 and 363 respectively). Its a Lansdale Address, but I think of it as Worcester.

    2. pastry chef Maryanne is one of the best in the area, so I know you enjoyed the desserts.

      1. Interesting update, thanks. We have been twice for dinner since the new name and management. Perhaps our opinions are coloured by the fact that we really liked the previous place( name?). We found the food just ok and therefore thought it overpriced. The service was ok too. The one point made by minniebb we do agree with is the noise. Our party did not get used to it and the closely packed in seating was almost comical in that it could create confusion as to just who it was at your table. It does seem to have a loyal following and therefore probably quite satisfactory to many.

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        1. re: Bacchus101

          The previous place was Ravenna. I really miss that place.

          1. re: JanR

            JanR, quite right!! Just could not remember the name, thanks! Yes we also miss it !

          2. re: Bacchus101

            I have to agree with everything Bacchus has to say about Zaccaria's. I had never been to Ravenna, so I have no point of comparison. However, I took some member of my family for dinner there. One of the things we ask each other after a meal in a new place is "would you go back". No one wanted to go back to Zaccaria's. The food, as Bacchus said, was OK and definitely overpriced. Service was non-attentive and slow. As a person with a hearing problem and a wearer of hearing aids, I never got used to the noise. None of us found any reason to return.

            1. re: bucksguy14

              Agreed!! there was always that "something" at ravenna that made you feel like you had come home and were dining among friends....service and food were both just so comfortable...
              unfortunately that "something" is missing at zaccharias....can't quite put my finger on it but....you are right....no reason to go back!

              1. re: ilovesummer

                I'm posting only with memories of Ravenna, I loved their shallot sauteed chicken livers in a red wine balsamic reduction and wish they were still there.

                From my foodie inner circle in these here suburbs, I've never been to Zaccharias based on their charging Center City full-bar service prices for a suburban BYO. I only live 10 minutes away, pass it frequently and, on that basis alone, it has yet to entice me. And, yes, I agree acoustics could use some dampening.

          3. I am glad that you liked it but I haven' shared your experience. We went once and would never have returned except that another couple had never been and wanted to try it. It seems to be a one and done restaurant because of mediocre food and mediocre service.

            1. Have to agree with most posters here. Loved the place when it was Ravenna's--went there often and always had a good meal and a pleasant time. Went when it changed To Z's and found the prices bordering on the outrageous considering what they offered--good food but not great food. I understand they lowered their weekday menu, but haven't been back. No big rush to go there. I much prefer 19 Bella in the immediate area there.