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Mar 21, 2011 07:38 AM

Easter weekend in Worcester/ Surrounding area

We are seeking a great spot for an intimate Pre Easter dinner April 23. We had dinner at Harrington Farm last year. Any suggestions for Sat. night please? We do not enjoy buffets. Has anyone been to Sonoma lately in Princeton?

206 Worcester Rd, Princeton, MA 01541

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  1. I go to Sonoma once or twice a year, and it has remained consistent. The menu doesn't change much, and the atmosphere doesn't always work for me, but the food is reliably good.

    I have had some very good meals at Ceres Bistro in the Beechwood Hotel. It may be the best restaurant now in Worcester proper. I've also had a disappointing lunch there, but dinner and breakfast both seem quite solid. They could probably achieve "intimate," as they have some nice spaces there.

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      we had planned on Ceres but my discerning mom had an abysmal lunch there recently so we are booked at Sonoma..I too don't love it inside..but the food is consistent.. Will report back here and on Yelp. Thanks Rick

      1. re: phelana

        We loved Ceres sugar cane shrimp was divine..great spot...Evi our server was amazing...