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Mar 21, 2011 07:25 AM

Freeze Salsa?

I made some homemade salsa yesterday without thinking that I was leaving for few days. Is it okay to freeze salsa? Will it taste okay when I defrost it?

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  1. By all means, YES!
    Fresh, homemade salsa is a perfect candidate for freezing. If you consume it within 6 months, there's not even a noticeable texture change. Far superior and much easier than canning it.
    I always make double or triple batches of both my red salsa and my green tomatillo salsa, and freeze the extra.

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      My canned salsa tastes better than my frozen stuff. Want the recipe?

    2. I would suggest that it would depend on the ingredients of your salsa. There so many variants. I wouldn't freeze a rough chopped pico de gallo. Also, depending on your ingredients, if they include salt, vinegar and / or lime juice, your salsa will keep just fine in the fridge for possibly much, much longer than you are expecting it to.