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Mar 21, 2011 06:20 AM

Fells Point BALTIMORE & Baltimore Greek Week

So, we will be up in Fells Point all weekend thru Tues (exc sunday - heading to DC for the blossoms)

This is Greek week in Baltimore - looks like Mezze and Black Olive are participating.
Which would get your recs?

Other Fells Point spots to eat a relaxing fun dinner - pub food is fine,

an interesting spot (view, music, decor or all of those!) with great reasonably priced food and service is of interest!

Looking forward to recs!

1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

Black Olive
814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

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  1. I like both Black Olive and Mezze. Might be worth calling both to see what the specials are. Zorba's is also being highly recommended on another thread.

    Greek week looks fun-- might have to make it out myself.

    1. Kooper's Tavern is a rock solid place for bar food very well executed.

      Max's Taphouse has an astounding selection of beers, including fine local beers like Stillwater Ales.

      Tortilleria Sinaloa is a very special little Mexican storefront place that has oustanding food.

      Italian Graffitti is one of the better pizzerias around the area.

      Kooper's Tavern
      1702 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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        I, too, like Koopers. And Tortilleria Sinaloa has excellent fish tacos.

        1. re: jvanderh

          Koopers is a must go to

          I saw a note in the Baltimore Sun online about a new sushi "pub" in the area?

          anyone know anything about that?

          1. re: few

            Sticky Rice, it's in the old Friends space, I thought it was just OK.

      2. Black Olive is not overpriced at all, but given that they serve very fresh seafood the bill can be on the high side. I have not been to Mezze in a few years, but remember it being solid.

        Zorba's is not in Fells Point but has the best grilled meat and seafood in town, IMO.

        The best pub grub in the Point is at Duda's.

        4710 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

        1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

        Black Olive
        814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

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          Agree with Jon...but also, although it doesn't get much love here, John Steven on the corner of Thames and Ann has great mussles, steamed shrimp and some great beer, and if you sit outside, a view of the water!

        2. So, we were staying at Hendersons Wharf and given this place as a rec by the front desk...along with the recs here on CH - - of we went to Mezze

          . The walk to Mezze was a nice walk through the Fells Point area on a saturday nite (need I say more?) We found out when we arrived it was, in fact, "greek week" as I had read online !

          So they had in addition to their regular tapas style menu - a tasting menu served family style. We opted for that as we could not decide as there were so many choices on the menu and it worked out well - from appetizers to dessert. I will say, that for me, the highlite of the meal came at the end when on the lovely dessert plate came out the most scrumptious baklava I have EVER EATEN! I would also say that the hummus and tzatzaki starters that came out with fresh pita chips....I could have eaten all nite as well! The service was great ! Ask for Konstans if you go.

          This waiter was the kind you always wish you get when you go into a spot for the first time - helpful, watchful and charming...always there when you needed something or just to check in and see how the meals was going!

          we sat in the downstairs area , in a modern room, with a great bar and fun space - there are more calm surroundings up a set of stairs - but we wanted to watch the basketball game - so it worked out great. Prices and quality of food were spot on. Wine list was solid as well.

          Next time I am in Baltimore and want a relaxed , upscale spot for greek/med food - this spot will be right on top!

          Thanks Konstans!

          1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231