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Mar 21, 2011 06:06 AM

Mari Luna Bistro

Anyone try this place yet? I think it opened last month where Robert Oliver used to be.

Mari Luna
Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

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  1. Yes, we had a really good meal there Saturday night. We called to make reservations and learned that they had buffet only until 8 PM and then they were serving the full menu. We went at 8 and the place was empty except for one other table. The hostess explained they had been busy, but it was for an event at the Lyric which had just started. I'm not sure if the buffet is all the time or was specifically for the Lyric crowd. I'd suggest calling before you go.

    On to the food...We started with the guacamole vera cruz style. It had pomegranate seeds and papaya in it. It just tasted like summer. We really enjoyed it. My husband had a chimichanga which was good, but not nearly as good as my arrachera asada. The arrachera asada was just a skirt steak, but was super tender and full of buttery, garlicy goodness. It came with chimichurri, rice, and beans. I thought the beans were a little bland, but the skirt steak more than made up for it.

    I also had a glass of white sangria. Some may find it a little too sweet, but I really enjoyed it. My husband had Modelo which was on draft.

    We'll be returning. Parking is the only negative about this place.

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      If you feel as though the parking blows at the MLB, just eat at the Mari Luna in Pikesville. In addition to their parking lot, you can park at a Rite Aid across the street if that gives you of an idea of how much parking is of non-issue. oh and if the the Rite-Aid for some odd reason is clogged up, there is grocery store that is no-more right next door to the Rite-Aid :)

      Less of a headache and hassle, same tasty food from the same owners