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Mar 21, 2011 05:42 AM

Light, spongey pumpkin muffin/cake/bread please.

I'm trying to reinvent the English dessert, "Sticky toffee pudding" with the inclusion of pumpkin.
I'm looking for a light pumpkinny muffin or cake or bread.
I don't want a deeply flavoured recipe (as all my family recipes seem to be), rather something of a spongey nature perhaps.
I'll be including a blob of medjool date mush inside the little cakes or muffins, and an extra rich toffee, so I want to keep the pumpkin flavour bright.
Umm. That's it for now. Thanks

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  1. You can use your favorite recipe for pumpkin bread/muffin and replace some of the fat w/ more pumpkin or applesauce and that makes it much lighter. When I make pumpkin bread pudding, that's what I do so the bread will absorb the custard better.

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      OK! That's what I'm looking for. Thank you.