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Mar 21, 2011 04:34 AM

dinner near siena college

any good suggestions around loudonville...or albany...thanx guys

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  1. Two good Italian choices very near Siena College; Milano, about three minutes up Rt. 9 from the College, if there's a lot of traffic, or D'Raymond's, about 10 minutes from the campus. D'Raymond's is old-school, Milano's new. You probably need a reservation at Milano, you definitely need one at D'Raymond's. Lots of other choices, if you want to ask a more specific question, or look through this board for the impossibly-long Albany thread ). But within a fifteen-minute drive from the Siena campus, there's seriously good Korean, Indian, Turkish, Cantonese, Shainghainese, sushi, French, Peruvian, steak, middle-eastern, pub-grub, Franco-Indonesian, molecular-gastronomic, and nouveau-upscale choices, so being more specific would better help answer your question.

    D'Raymonds Restaurant & Lounge
    269 Osborne Rd Ste 4, Albany, NY 12211

    Milano - Latham NY
    594 New Loudon Road, Latham, NY 12110

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      Second PSZaas' suggestions.


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        Jason Baker, cooking at the Wine Bar and Bistro? Ten minutes from Siena.

        Wine Bar & Bistro
        200 Lark, Albany, NY 12202

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          fdr, if you haven't tried Jason Baker's cooking you must get there. The Wine Bar and Bistro does not take reservations so you need to get there early. They open at 5. One way to actually get a reservation is to plan a chef's tasting. I did one last month and it was amazing.

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            Thanks. . . I have not been. What's amazing? What would you suggest?

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              Sorry for the delay in replying. It was necessary for me to find out from the moderators the proper way to post comments here that I had made on another site.

              Here's a synopsis without mention of the wines that sommelier Jonathan so expertly paired throughout our feast.

              Amuse Bouche - a dehydrated "New England bake". This consisted of all the things you would expect in a meal that typically consists of corn-on-the-cob, baked potato, butter, shrimp and leeks.... except all these things (yes, even the butter) had been dehydrated so all of it was crispy and small bits. My wife said the consistency reminded her of a chex-mix. Great mouth-feel and mind boggling.

              First Course - Salmon. There were 3 components to this. Layers of salmon-belly were "glued" together with a protein, salmon tartar, and a sunny-side egg. When mixed all together the flavors were wonderful.

              Second Course - Shrimp. The shrimp had fresh fennel on top, along side were salt baked grape-tomatoes and bouillon. While very good, this was probably my least favorite course.

              Third Course - Charcuterie. Pancetta with home-made pickles, cheese and a consommé that would have been good all by itself. My mouth is still watering over this course!!!

              Fourth Course - Sous Vide Skirt Steak. The steak was served with a carrot risotto, goat cheese and a leek ragout. Excellent!!! My wife got to enjoy a bit of left-over on this the next day and said the carrot risotto was still amazing.

              Fifth Course - Fois Gras Soup. I don't even know were to begin trying to explain this one, but it was delicious. There was a fried ravioli with a thin layer of chocolate in a clear liquid that also had chips of chocolate. Neither one of us can recall what the ravioli was filled with. But it was truly outstanding. The chef had never made this before and we were told he was still thinking the concept through when we first arrived two hours earlier.

              Finally, they brought out 3 small samples of deserts that my wife was too full to even try, so I had to eat all three. ;-) One was chocolate with raspberry, another was also chocolate with a thin slice of pear, and the third was a lemon tart. Oh, so good with the cappuccino.

              Well, fdr, that's what I consider amazing. Suggestions? Probably anything that is offered as a special that evening.

              1. re: Roger K

                Thanks so much, Roger K. . .

                We'll have to make reservations for a tasting.

        2. re: PSZaas

          PSZaas, Peruvian? Am I overlooking some place?

        3. Second the recommendation on D'Raymonds. Try the stuffed veal chop.

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                hey fdr...its my niece's graduation...may 15...hope i remember to let you know...our whole family will be going to creo on the 14th...wife and i are trying to decide on the 13th...D'Raymonds or 677 prime or ???

                1. re: corky

                  Congratulations to your niece!

                  If you're considering 677 Prime in downtown Albany, how about Grappa '72?

                  Creo' has a lively vibe. . .