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Mar 20, 2011 09:41 PM

Juno Bistro for Japa tapas with a bit of a twist

I'd been hearing and reading good things about this little spot on Davie for so long and we finally got a chance to try it tonight. Yes, you are paying a premium for high-quality ingredients. Yes, the menu is a little fusiony. No, these are not bad things in this case.

We paid $64 for our dinner, tax and tip in, no alcohol. For that, we got a lovely Italian negi-toro served with baguette rounds, a delightful beef tataki with Pemberton beef that was a cross between carpaccio and tataki, one of the tastiest kakuni I've had yet (Sloping Hills pork with half red wine, half shoyu in the marinade; note to self: order a side of rice next time to sop up the "jup" which is delicious), the super spicy roll with two kinds of tuna, mango and jalapeno and a dynamite roll, plus a miso soup for the SO. The tea is $1 but worth the price as it is much superior to the run of the mill tea we get in other sushi bars.

Based on what we tried tonight, I was most impressed by the izakaya-ish dishes -- the two rolls were good but not stunning. This repast was the perfect amount of food for the two of us and came with attentive service. We will return to try other items and I am adding this to my film fest rotation for sure as I have heard the lunch time combos are good value. Here are a few pictures:

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  1. I like your review. My daughter and I eat here weekly and both love it! Not only are they good about her allergies, the food is always fresh, and the service warm and friendly. I hope your review sparks others to try it as well. Would love to see it become a popular place to go for sushi in the area.

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      Hey selena, your comments on it were one of the reasons we went :-). It was a very nice early bday dinner. Though a tiny part of me was saying "you could be having omakase at Kimura for the same amount of $$" most of me doesn't mind paying a bit more for the good stuff. And it is very nice to know that they are knowledgeable and flexible enough to respond to dietary restrictions. I wonder how they'd do for gluten-free needs...

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        Hee hee..."jup"'ve been reading too much Chowtimes! Glad you had a good meal here, am collecting data for my next trip back, although still no plans.

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          I would love to try Kimura soon...I find it very hard to get to these well reviewed restos outside of the downtown/westside...will have to make it a date night!