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Mar 20, 2011 09:31 PM

Does anyone remember Danish Bakery on Pico and their "Budapest Cake"?

I loved this little bakery and their yummy friend from Denmark used to love it too and is coming for a viist, would like to suprise her w/ a Budapest Cake...where to find one or even a receipe would be appreciated.

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  1. I thought the name was Danish Pastry but whatever it was, it was incredible. Went a couple time every week. Can't help you with the Budapest Cake, though. Did you ever have their Princess Cake? Really exceptional. Great pastries and delicious sandwiches. Some time after they closed, we were shopping at Rapport on La Brea and one of the Danish Pastry shop owners was working there as a host/receptionist. Can't even remember what she told me about why they closed. A shame.

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      yes yes yes ~ it was wonderful..also more so was the norwegian bakery in san pedro on 13th & pacific..excellent princess torte & cardamon bread..
      i love the budapest & since moving from california have tried in vain to find one knows what i'm talking about! if you should find it please let us know..i would love to have it shipped to current location!
      good luck

    2. I can't help you with that specific one but steer you toward Hygge Bakery downtown on Hope & 11th street. The owner is Danish and if the "Budapest cake" is a traditional one I'm sure they either carry it or could maybe do a special order for you.
      If you go, don't miss their dark rye bread, it's amazing. They have lots of real Danish pastries that I tend to find overwhelmingly sweet, but there should be something in there your friend would like.

      Hygge Bakery
      1106 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015