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Mar 20, 2011 07:32 PM

Caesar Salad

Is there anywhere around that has a really fantastic caesar salad? I like salads that are lightly dressed and ideally have whole leaves of romaine and big pieces of good parmesan, not chopped up lettuce and shreds of cheese. My favorite ever was at Apizza Scholls in Portland, OR. I am reluctant to order them without recommendations, since they seem to often be not at all what I'm looking for. I don't want to make it at home, though, so hopefully someone knows of a good place for this.


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  1. I think Stella's on Washington St in the south end has an excellent Caesar...all the things you describe. Romaine, lemon-y and lightly dressed, good parmesan. Good luck in your search.

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      Depending on where you live, this may not be convenient for you but the 111 Chophouse in Worcester has an excellent Caesar. I had one there a week ago. Like you, I hesitate to order them because I am all too often disappointed.

    2. I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist currently, however it would be great if one of the area restaurants brought back the tableside caesar. I recently had one at a restaurant in Monterey, CA and enjoyed the experience very much. It brought back some nice memories of caesars past.

      I suppose that a simple salad is not worth the equipment, training and potential flack over a coddled egg for most restaurants, however it could be a great signature app which would fit at a place like Locke Ober (if it ever reopens).

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        I was just thinking the exact same thing!

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          The Castle Restaurant in Leicester has a tableside Caesar on the dinner menu.

        2. Abe & Louis' has a very good Caesar.

          1. A few of my favorites are from Rabia's in the North End, Strip-T's in Watertown, and Vecchia Roma in Newton. The latter might be my favorite, though it's tough to get to from Boston unless you have a car.

            Strip-T's Restaurant
            93 School St, Watertown, MA 02472

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              what constitutes a great Caesar Salad..for me good anchovies and a non egg dressing as well as homemade garlicky croutons...I know sort of un Caesar like. What makes 111 Chophouse so great please? Gramma lives there so I can go visit and try that spot. I LOVE Caesar Salads.

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                Mainly fresh ingredients, I'd say. And a noticeable--though not too noticeable--anchovy taste in the dressing, as well as high-quality cheese.

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                  Caesar salad without egg in the dressing?

              2. The Hillstone (formerly Houston's) Caesar salad is fantastic. Ever since the first time I tried it, theirs has been my benchmark for the dish overall. May not be exactly what the OP is looking for since the leaves are chopped and the parmesan is grated. But I've also had way too many Caesar salads elsewhere that are too creamy, too gloopy, too overdressed, not dressed enough...

                This salad is cool, crunchy, has a nice lemony acidity, and a faint, pleasing echo of anchovy. It satisfies every time. For the purists, I do not know if it has coddled egg in it or not... I know what coddled egg looks and tastes like, and I've made it this way at home before, but for some reason I just can't tell with this one. Doesn't really matter to me, though... it just tastes very good.