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Mar 20, 2011 06:46 PM

Taking Deviled Eggs to a Party

We will be traveling about 2 hours to a surprise b'day party for my brother. After going over the menu with S-I-L, we agreed that I would bring deviled eggs. Am I crazy to try and transport them? Any suggestions/recipes would be appreciated. I thought I would cook the eggs, split them, make the filling here at home. I'll pack everything in a cold cooler. Then fill them when we get there. Will the whites fall apart and will I have a big mess on my hands? Should I take something else? I am looking at fingerfood ideas. Thank you.

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  1. Deviled egg carriers are available most everywhere.'

    Normally most are set up to carry 12 halves 24 halves or 36 halves. (Google the Tupperware site). Target, Walmart and Williams Sonoma carries them.

    In a pinch, a big plastic glad covered container with a wet paper towel on the bottom to prevent sliding will work. Keep it cool and find a cooler to fit your container and all is good.

    1. I have no idea if they still make them, but Tupperware used to make deviled egg carriers! a big platter of indentations to keep them upright, with a domed top like a cake carrier. It's a pretty specialized item (though as I recall, my mother got quite a bit of use out of hers in the 70's), but it would certainly guarantee perfect transport!

      1. I boil the eggs, peel and split them. I put the egg whites in a couple of layers with sort of crushed wax paper between them or put them in the serving dish. Make the filling and place in a ziplock bag. Keep cold in a cooler.When you are ready to serve, cut the corner of the bag off and squeeze to fill the eggs like you would with a pastry bag.

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          Exactly what I was thinking, especially with the ziplock baggie idea, so easy, so simple! Make it a jagged cut and WOW, so fancy!.

          1. I normally don't go for unitaskers nor Pampered Chef items but I love this deviled egg carrier. I've used it often for transporting cold food. One side is made for deviled eggs, the other for anything flat. A lot of places carry it now, not just Pampered Chef but I got mine years ago.


            Oops, should have read all the responses before posting.