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Mar 20, 2011 06:23 PM

New to NYC- where to get Passover supplies

Where can i get Passover supplies- ideally ordering online - in NYC? I live near Union Square. Thank you in advance.

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  1. For online, Freshdirect or For food, by you, there's whole foods and whatever it stocks. Fairway, Supersol and Kosher Marketplace on the Upper West Side. The Morton Williams on Bleecker and Laguirdia used to sell kosher meat. Don't know if they still do.

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    1. re: craigcep

      Is delivering? I heard they are on hiatus as they relocate to a new warehouse.

      1. re: tamarw

        There's a great place on the Upper East Side called Park East Kosher. They have a lot of prepared foods, meats, and groceries and the store will be Kosher for Passover. They deliver. is their website.

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          Actaully, yeah, I bought a lot of food last year from Park East Kosher. They have this really great apple kugel that was great.

          1. re: tamarw

            Have you phoned Supersol to ask if they deliver to Union Square?

    2. btw there's apparently a similar thread on this here:

      1. I find that I can do most of my passover shopping in the same stores that I shop at during the year. Fairway has a large Passover department. I was at Costco this week and they had a wall of grape juice, apple juice, macaroons, candy, matza, etc. If what you are looking for is prepared foods, Park East, Supersol (now called Seasons) and Kosher Marketplace are all solid choices.

        1. there's another place - new one -that just opened on the upper east side. prime butcher baker delivers, and offers fresh meats, raw and prepared foods,and pastries,