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Mar 20, 2011 05:38 PM

Any "must haves" at these restaurants?

My husband and I are leaving for Paris on Sunday evening. Here are the places where we have reservations. I'm wondering if there are any "must have" dishes at any of them that I shouldn't miss. Any help is very much appreciated.

Le Beurre Noisette
L'Avant Gout
Chez Denise
Chez Josephine Dumonet
Chez l'Ami Jean
Le Comptoir

These are all dinner reservations. I'd love to think that I could put away a 2-3 course lunch as well, but I just don't see it. For the most part, we're thinking about wine bars, cafes, etc. for lunch. Of course if any of you have suggestions, I'm open. Until then, I can't wait to get to Paris!!!

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  1. Chez Denise: Morue auvergnate, steak tartare
    Chez Joséphine: foie gras, cote de veau, pigeon, rossini, millefeuille, old sauternes
    Chez l'Ami Jean: what ever's on the chalkboard

    1. Chez Denise-civet de cerf, house brouilly,chou farci, tripes a la mode de Caen, hachis parmentier
      Dumonet-Boeuf Bourguignon

      Plus whatever Souphie said

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Oh and Boeuf Bourguignon at Joséphine too.

      2. Rice pudding (dessert) @ Chez L'Ami Jean. Make sure to glop on the caramel sauce!

        1. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! The ones at Chez Josephine sound particularly good. Besides these actual dishes, is there anything that is in season that I should watch for? Is asparagus in season yet?

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          1. maybe the boeuf bourguignon at Dummonet and the piballes at l'Ami Jean. The tête de veau and the vol au vent at Violon d'Ingres

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            1. re: chicagoparis

              The piballes at l'Ami Jean I wholeheartedly second. But 1/it's a seasonal thing and 2/that significantly alters the budget.