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Mar 19, 2011 07:05 PM

Fish Fry [moved from New England board]

Please, please, please = I don't want to argue about who is the best! I just want a terrific recipe so that I can COOK the best fish fry sandwich!!! I'm out here in the wilds of San Diego and when I mention Fish Fry someone keeps slapping one of those horrible Fish Tacos in my hand. Travesty!!!!!! L-Ken's is gone and I'm still grieving the loss here at 3,000 miles away! HELP!

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  1. Fish Fry:

    Fish: Cod, Haddock, or the less common Cusk are all fine. Cut the fillet lengthwise to yield a piece that is about 1/4 pound (easiest way is to buy whole fillets that are about 1/2 pound and simply cut thme in half).

    Coating: I dip the fish in an egg/milk wash (1 egg + 1/4 cup milk is enough for a few fish fry)

    Breading: lot of different opinions and preferences here including boxed "fish fry" breading, flour, corn meal, or my preference a mix of 3 part flour, 1 part corn meal)

    Fry the fish in oil (canola works fine) that is hot ( when a drop of water sizzles, it's ready...usually a few minutes set at med high will do it on the stove or around 360 degrees if you have a deep fryer). Fry until golden brown but still moist inside.
    you can find it, Bennetts makes a sweet chili sauce that is just like what most of the Fish Fry places in the Tri-Cities serve as an option (I like a bit of both sauces).

    This should be pretty damn close to what you remember (I cook them at home in Vermont when I get the urge...)
    Place on a hot dog roll (Good luck finding the New England style in CA !!). I prefer Cains Tartar Sauce and if