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Mar 20, 2011 04:02 PM

Looking for good source of stewing lamb (frozen is OK too) Brampton Caledon Orangeville

Looking for somewhere to get some good stewing lamb to make a lamb curry.....need a fairly large amount....many local grocery stores in the Orangeville/Caledon area don't usually carry much lamb other than chops or sometimes a leg of lamb.....don't want to spend a fortune, just want to get some good lamb for stew......frozen is OK too.



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  1. Try Highland Farms in Mississauga, Hwy 10+Matheson.

    1. Your options are not hard to fulfill, so not knowing whether Orrangeville, Brampton or Bolton is the most convenient for you, simply check your local yellow pages under butchers and you should find as a starting point "butchers" that you want to talk to. And the butchers in your local supermarkets are proud of their profession, and if their store is unable to be a source of supply as you need it, many will be glad to provide information to you as if they know and their employer cannot provide the product, there is no loss to the store, but a gain in goodwill for them to assist a customer!!!

      1. Brampton/Mississauga aren't lacking for halal butchers and meats shops.

        1. Costco carries quiet a bit of lamb, both fresh and frozen. Not sure what cut you want for your stew, and maybe the stuff at Costco is too expensive for stewing, but, worth while looking at.

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            Legs and chops--pretty much all Costco carries--are nice but pricey for curry/stew. Think Highland Farms carries shoulders and shanks--not sure about necks.

          2. Try Teggart Farms on Steeles just west of Winston Churchill, they are a full service butcher and carry lots of lamb (both fresh and frozen)